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So, I have a player running a pixie warrior in this season, and he's trying to be a little to "imaginative" imo.

He's working with a couple of other players so that which ever one is on his table he buddies up with them. I have no trouble with the basics of this, it's allowing him a regular cover bonus on top of everything else, it's the "extras" that they're working on that I'm having trouble with...

So, where do I go with:

Pixie hanging on to the other PCs clothing whilst it is moving, then flying off to find a target? Basically doubling his movement.

The pixie being thrown across the battlefield. Again to get extra movement , if not an extra attack.

I have some ideas, but I'd like others please.
All of these are examples of a player asking to take extra actions. 

When the Pixie character is asking if they can hang on to the other PC's clothing while the other PC is moving, the Pixie is asking to take an action, "hanging on" when it is not their turn.  Per the rules there are a few ways to take actions at different points of the Round: Opportunity Actions, Immediate Actions, Free Actions, Holding an Action, Delaying.  My guess, is none of these will really do what the Pixie wants.

The player will say, "It is a Free Action to hang on, like I hang on to my sword."  "Well, your sword isn't moving away from you."  The option for a free action to hang on is using a Standard action during the Pixie's turn to Grab the other PC.  On the other PC's turn, they would need to Escape to move.  If they Escape, they move, and the Pixie stays.  If they cannot Escape, nobody moves.

As for throwing the Pixie, that would be a Standard Action by the Thrower.  Light Thrown, Improvised Weapon, No Proficiency.  It could result in damage for the Pixie, and probably little damage to the target.  It is straight line movement that provokes opportunity attacks and has a range of 5/10, I'd guess.  So I would probably allow it, but I'd need to figure out what happens if the Thrower misses!  Batter Up!

Lastly, if the Pixie can be carried or thrown, why not the dwarf, the halfling, the gnome, the human, the horse?  The answer: because the rules don't permit it.
On the other hand, why not permit it?  You could probably modify the Aid Another rules: an allies' Standard Action gives the Pixie a +2 to Athletics Check for Jumping to allow an extra 2" of movement.  That way the players get to do something creative, but are using resources to do it, and they are not getting extra free actions just because they are a Pixie.
Pixie hanging on to the other PCs clothing whilst it is moving, then flying off to find a target? Basically doubling his movement.

Treat this as mounted combat.
First, the Pixie has to use a movement action to "mount" the other player. Once mounted, the players share the same initiative slot (I would put it at the lower initiative slot). The players then have 1 set of actions that is split up between them (1 move, standard, and minor). So either the mounted player moves or the pixie dismounts (a move action, btw) and then spends his standard action to move to the new target. One or the other attacks using their shared standard action, etc. You can find mounted combat rules in the Rules Compendium.

The pixie being thrown across the battlefield. Again to get extra movement , if not an extra attack.

I would allow this but would treat it thusly:

  • This maneuver should be treated as a charge for the Pixie with all bonuses charging gives him.

  • The pixie and throwing player must be adjacent.

  • The throwing player spends a minor action to pick up and a move action to throw the pixie.

  • The throwing player makes a Basic Ranged Attack against the target (as part of the throw).

  • If the hit succeeds normally, the throwing player chooses 1 of these options: +2 to the pixie's movement, +2 to the pixie's attack roll, or +2 to the pixie's damage. This must be chosen BEFORE the pixie makes the attack roll.

  • If the hit is a critical, the throwing pc grants a +4 bonus to one of the 3 choices.

  • If the to hit roll misses as a natural 1, the pixie cannot make an attack.

  • Otherwise, the pixie moves his normal movement and makes a normal attack roll with a +1 to hit for charging.

  • After the throwing player's attack roll, the pixie moves up to his movement plus any chosen bonuses, in a STRAIGHT LINE, this means through enemy spaces as well.

  • The pixie makes a Basic Melee Attack adding in any bonuses to hit.

  • If the attack succeeds, roll damage as normal with any bonuses chosen from above.

  • If the attack is a critical, applly damage as normal and if this is the first time this attack has been used in an encounter, the target grants combat advantage until the start of the pixie's next turn.

  • The pixie's turn is over and initiative is rearranged so that the pixie acts after the throwing player.

I think these two options give the intended effect they are looking for within the 4e rules. The main thing here is to think of these situations as mounted combat. This is why the throwing PC in the second situation loses his movement (the Pixie is taking the movement) and a standard action (the Pixie is attacking). I've turned the maneuver into a minor action so that the throwing PC uses one action (grabbing & throwing) which is treated as aiding in an attack. The Pixie makes the move and the standard actions to perform a charge.

You may ask why the second is considered mounted combat. I look at it this way, one PC is "picking up" the Pixie in order to throw him, essentially "forcing the pixie to mount the PC" then "forcing a dismount." Thus shared actions.
1. Tiny creatures don't automatically gain cover for being in the same square as a larger creature. There is actually a pixie-specific feat in order to enable gaining cover that way. If your player has that feat, all is well, if not, tell them no.

2. If the player wants to flavor their actions and play in combat as involving riding around on the other PCs, being flung about and whatnot, more power to them. If the players is simply asking to be more powerful without spending resources? Tell them no.
The throwing player spends a minor action to pick up and a move action to throw the pixie

I agree with all else except I would require the throwing PC to expend a standard action to throw.

Overall I think this collection of desired action on the part of the pixie player is ridiculous. If it were a player at my table, I'd make sure that each time he wants to try something that sounds as dumb as you've described, it receives some shoot-from-the-hip detriments (e.g. pixie being thrown damages his wings and cannot fly until EoNT, pixie hanging on requires pixie to drop all weapons as a free action and hold on with both hands as standard action).

Of course, other posters have also given excellent advice. Let the player decide if the aftereffects are worth the cost. It is just as a creature marked knows there is a detriment to ignoring the mark and must decide if that cost is worthwhile.  

You guys are the reason these forums are so useful.

I agree that it should use the mounted combat rules myself, and thanks for all the cool ideas. I've had a pixie with a bugbear mount, but haven't had any of these other scenarios arise yet.

Thanks folks! 
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