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I am keenly interested in hearing in any idea's for such a campaign setting.

For those that arn't aware of the setting, it is a D&D futuristic setting with Spaceships, guns( standard ballistic, laser, plasma, grenades etc). Sort of 40k but more D&D come Star Wars.

I was also planning on having the guns with Semi-auto, full auto.

The armour is simple enough, just a refluff is what I was thinking of.

The guns I had so far come up with weapons that have At-Will attack options, such as a burst for Semi-Auto and a Close Blast effect.

Can anyone suggest any alternatives or suggestions?
Were you thinking of converting it to 4th Edition?

I've dabbled in creating a custom version that pulls elements from Dragonstar, Spelljammer, and Council of Wyrms.

If you are aiming for 4E, have a look at Gamma World for a possible method of handling modern and futuristic tech.

All around helpful simian

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