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Hey All,

I have been a veteran DM of 2nd edition DND through 4th Edition and am going throug the process of making a review for the 4th Edition Classes in a video format for my players who are mostly new. So far I have made one for the Fighter. Could you all tell me what you think?

I liked it - just 25 more classes to go !
You have a ridiculously soothing voice oh my god.

...but, one thing I had a problem with was your comment about the fighter leaning more towards blades. That kinda bothered me since the fighter is the best class at having a wide array of effective options as far as weaponry goes. Polearm, hammer, axe, sword, and flail fighters will play very differently from one another, but that diversity just makes fighters better. The blades are generally more accurate, but the amount of control a flail or polearm provides is amazing, and axes have some pretty awesome feats or enchantments geared towards them. In addition to that several fighter powers reward you for using different weapon types.
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Fighter leaning towerds blades? Eh...
I Tend to like Flail (Rain of Blows other goodies) Even Reach weapons (Seen decent / good builds with Reach weapons) and so on so forth  Blades is only thing fighters use / mostly? Eh I have to LARGELY disagree escply if im a Dwarf Fighter (Hammers Then!)
Flails/Polearm provides alot of nice Control/Axes have some nice Abilitys as well ...  
Just about every other weapon is better for a fighter, unless you're talking light blades.
The 4e fighter has pretty much the largest selection of viable weapon choices of every other class.  They can also make use of heavy thrown weapons (which is keyed off of strength), so they do have some ranged options.
Thanks guys! You are right on your points, I am only speaking from the couple of groups and fighters I have played with. I only have the core book, so I have not gotten to see a lot of the awesomeness from supplements. Sounds like I am missing out.
I'd like to note that, when and if you get your hands on the supplement Martial Power 2, it contains a system called martial practices, which are essentially the equivalent of ritual casting for martial characters. Among the options you gain access to (for the low, low price of one feat) is the ability to create both mundane and magical weapons and armor. Not really a substitute for having an artificer in the party, but it's there.
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