Story: Captian Lasheira

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This is just the beginning of Captain Lashiera story.

The shadows of the gnarled oak whispered in her ears and Captain Lashiera noticed a pair of Shadar-Kai assassins in the shadows out of the corner of her eyes.
Seeing thier muscles tense, she unsheathed her fullblade from its enchanted sheath in one fluid motion the continued onwards to cut into the hazy shadows that the two teleporting Shadar-Kia had become.
The residual holy light on her blade from the sheath made the Shadar-Kia grunt, even though it was too insubstantial to take a serious wound.
The Shadar-Kia lashed back out with a dagger dripping with poison. His blade cut air, his eyes going wide.
Lashiera smirked knowing he'd caught nothing but the distortion effect caused by Rapture's presence. Rapture was the hidden displacer beast that the second Shadar-Kai failed to notice he'd walked away from when he tried to get walk behind her instead of attacking her.
It was a serious mistake, Rapture strong jaws snapped and bit the Shadar-Kia in the arse.
The Shadar-Kia twisted away leaving cloth in in Rapture's mouth and blood trickling down the fey cat's chin. The six legged cat licked the blood from its mouth and raised its tentacles aggressively, although the distortian around the cat had ground worse, making it hard to pin point the beast's true position.
Both assassin's had become solid again and Lashiera was happy to take advantage of that. She whispered a prayer and drew on her need to defeat and humiliate these fools. Both divine magic from Sharess and shadow magic from the hole in her soul answered her conbining into her fullblade.
Frost dusted her blade and shadows waffled from it like smoke and then she struck with a second tainted hexing prayer that drew more power into the blade.
Her blade arched and sliced the Shadar-Kia's hip with an ugly gash. The wound grew putrid and infected and frost bite spread out from the wound. The second tainted prayer drew the assassin's agony into Lasheira as unnatural vitality. Lasheira's dark magic searched the assassin for weakness, increasing his pain.

Rapture growled and Lasheira looked behind her to see four more Shadar-Kai approaching her. These were warriors of Netheril, Lasheira recognized the uniforms.
Lasheira decided to even the odds and drew on her thirst for power to twist shadows into new forms.
First she stepped back from the assassins and created four duplicates of Rapture between her and the advancing warriors.
The assassins prepared to take advantage, only for Lasheira whisper another tainted prayer, one that pulled at both assassin's shadow. She sucked some of the shadows into her self and channelled the strenth that came with that into more strenth in her swing, which swipped the first assassin across the belly.
Blood spurted, but the assassin had pulled back just in time to avoid being completely disembowled. One again her magic searched out his vulneriblies and boosted his agony, but this time she channeled her extra vitality into the attack as well, sacrificing it to empower her attack. the Shadar-Kai was looking paled for even his race.
He was about to make another attempt to kill her, when the frost bite spread further and the rot spread to his heart.
Black bile spilled from the Shadar-Kia lips and it dropped to the ground.
The second assassin switched to a short sword in a blur and struck her, sliding his blade in between a weak point in her plate.
Lasheira jumped back, the assassin's blade pulling free and fought back against the urge to collaspe into a pool of her own blood.
Things weren't great for Rapture either.
One of the Shadar-Kai had walked through one of shadow monsters and while the monster left putrid wounds on the soldier where its tentacles hit, the warrior managed to pin point Rapture's true position and slash one of the tips off one of his tentacles.
The cat howled and Lasheira waved her hand forming two shadow guardians in the form of two succubi by that them preceded to grabbed ahold of the assassin and warrior and try and distract them allowing both Shade and fey cat to step back.
Lasheira used a techique taught to her back in the Netheril Empire to draw on her own inner strength to stablize herself, reknitting her shadow flesh. Rapture drew on her at that moment, through thier magically bond and the tip of his tentacle grew back, sadly made of the same shadowy flesh as her's.
She was getting up set, so she called upon a different type of shadow magic. Her blade weaved through the air cutting long bleeding wounds across the warriors arms and chest, finishing off by drawing up the essense of the Shadow Turncoat into her sword and slicing off a piece of the warrior's shadow and sending the Turn Coat into it. That piece of shadow transformed, taking on the form of the warrior, only even darker.
With a word she commanded it to attack and struck a solid blow, further wounding the soldier who staggered back and turned his attention to his copy.
The other three warriors caught up to the first one. Sadly for them they lacked his endurence.
A shadow monster lashed one across the throat and he went down gargling, his adam's apple turning rot and choking him.
Another warrior went down screaming when a shadow monster's claws slashed him at the knees and his lower legs turned into tumour ridden goo.
The last one was distracted by one shadow monster who he tried to cut, only to discover that it had no real body to harm. Another shadow monster pounce straight for the head.
When he fell his head hit a rock and splattered like a rotten pumpkin.
The warrior disentangled from the kisses of the lowly shadow guardian long enough to cut his duplicate's head off, only to find its arms arms wrapping around him again.
Lashiera pulled back and switched to a trident which she pulled from her back and aimed it at the warrior.
"Both of you surrender or die" she warned them. The assassin cursed her out. He was rewarded with a thrown trident in his leg that spread the same necrotic cold from his wound that had killed his fellow assassin.
The warrior was not so foolish, he'd seen the power that had created the shadow turn coat before, from one of his suppiors, and he knew she could create more now that she had the first used the power against him.
Between the shadow monsters and guardians, the turncoat, the displacer beast and Captian Lasheira herself he knew death awaited defiance.
The assassin howled again as the freezing cold wound spread.
"We surrender Captian, but we have little intelligence that you don't already know I imagine, so torturing us will avail you nothing" the warrior offered.
He said nothing more when the flat of her blade knock him unconcious.