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first modern tournament friday. I'm playing sligh and I don't know what to sb. I'm thinking smash to smithereens (obv. for artifact decks) mark of mutiny (on tarmogoyf it's the second best three drop IMO) and maybe getting that two drop that kills life gain prevention and gives wither from shadowmoor I think? but since it's my first modern tournament I'm not sure what I'll be up against. what cards would be most helpful?

I'm not looking for advice about the deck itself. I've been playing since before mirrodin, I'm familiar with sligh, and I win on turn three or four quite consistently. the only problem is I am not aware of what I need to power through popular strategies.
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Welp, since this is deck help, post your list anyway.  I'd like to see what a sligh deck looks like in modern.
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