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Main Deck

Alabaster Mage x 1

Angelic Overseer x 3

Avacynian Priest x 2

Bonds of Faith x 3

Champion of the Parish x 1

Doomed Traveler x 1

Elite Inquisitor x 1

Elite Vanguard x 1

Fiend Hunter x 4

Geist-Honored Monk x 1

Gideon's Avenger x 2

Gideon's Lawkeeper x 3

Honor of the Pure x 2

Invisible Stalker x 2

Mana Leak x 3

Mentor of the Meek x 3

Mirran Crusader x 1

Oblivion Ring x 2

Psychic Barrier x 1

Shrine of Loyal Legions x 1

Silver-Inlaid Dagger x 1

Solemn Simulacrum x 1


Moorland Haunt x 2

Glacial Fortress x 4

Shimmering Grotto x 2

Plains x 10

Islands x 2

Yeah so I made this deck just for fun honestly, but took it to my local FNM, and placed 2nd. Obviously there's a bit of synergy here, just wondering if maybe I can take this deck further with some help :].

I know I need more Mirran Crusaders, just those are hard to find at my local shop :P. Any other advice? I'd like to keep it the same feel, as in, no I won't replace Angelic Overseer with GoST, sorry. I like her too much, I got 3 foils xD..
Anyone at all?
Alabaster Mage x 1 Cut this guy as he is quite ineffective

Angelic Overseer x 3 Cut these because they are too slow and you won't always have a human

Avacynian Priest x 2 Gideon's Lawkeeper is better than this guy, so cut this guy for 1 more lawkeeper and something else

Bonds of Faith x 3 Run Oblivion Ring as removal and Angelic Destiny or swords as self enchantment - probably both

Champion of the Parish x 1 - Either a 4 of or a 0 of depending how you find him

Doomed Traveler x 1 Definitely a 4 of.

Elite Inquisitor x 1 I'm alright with this just because the 2drop spot is bad for humans.... I run Grand Abolisher myself. Probably 4 of though

Elite Vanguard x 1 Run 4 of or none of, test with the other 1drops and see what you like best.

Fiend Hunter x 4 Probably a 3 of because not all decks run creatures

Geist-Honored Monk x 1 Too high of a curve, cut this.

Gideon's Avenger x 2 Maybe alright, I probably wouldn't run him since there are better and more reliable 3drops

Gideon's Lawkeeper x 3 Great card, I run 3 but you might want 4.

Honor of the Pure x 2 DEFINITE 4 OF THIS CARD

Invisible Stalker x 2 Probably better in another deck.

Mana Leak x 3 Always a good card, depending how you play.

Mentor of the Meek x 3 Some people like this, some don't... I find that you normally don't want to spend the mana, and this guy isn't strong either way.

Mirran Crusader x 1 Definitely  4 of

Oblivion Ring x 2 Maybe increase by 1, switch with a fiend hunter?

Psychic Barrier x 1 Don't run because of double blue, cut for another mana leak or creature or something

Shrine of Loyal Legions x 1 Probably better in the sideboard as a card.

Silver-Inlaid Dagger x 1 Replace with a sword or Angelic Destiny or something

Solemn Simulacrum x 1 Not really necessary in this deck, replace with a better 4 drop named Hero of Bladehold


Moorland Haunt x 2 You can run between 2-4 of these, depending how you like it.

Glacial Fortress x 4 Great

Shimmering Grotto x 2 Unnecessary for this deck, put in 4 Seachrome coast

Plains x 10 Cool

Islands x 2 Cut 1 or both as it's normally unnecessary.

Run 23 land or more, I'm running 4 Seachromes, 4 Glacials, 3 Moorland Haunt, and 12 Plains

Morale of the story, run 4-ofs your good cards like the Mirran Crusader, Doomed Traveller, Hero of Bladehold (Which you will be putting in :P), and run 3 ofs things like Fiend Hunter/Oblivion Ring/Mana Leak.

Try and find what 1/2 drops you want to play with although you need 4x Honor of the Pure and 4x Doomed Traveler.

While I agree with the humans side, I cannot bring myself to remove angelic overseer. She can and has won games for me just because I had an invisible stalker out. She's Flying, Hexproof, and Indestructible just because I have a little guy out whom is easy to pay for.

I use shimmering grottos as a way of replacing seachrome coast untill I can find some, trust me they're first on my list to be removed :P. Once I can afford to take out shimmering grottoas I was planning on replacing Geist Honored Monk, and Solemn Simalcrum with 2 more Mirran Crusaders, that is, if I can find someone willing to part with theirs.

I could easily drop down to 3 Fiend Hunters, Alabaster, and the Psychic barrier to bring in Grand abolishers.

I can't afford Swords really, or trust me I would. Angelic Destiny is about the same.

Could I get any more advice based off of this?
if you can't afford swords or destinies.... trade for them!

haha, Spectral flight is a budget option I guess...

The solemn is worth a good chunk to trade.

And if you want the angel, then I'm sad.

Running 5drops means you'll want to increase your land count I guess. Porbably 24 or 25 for the 5drops.

The angel is still gonna die to slagstorm, day of judge, BSZ.

And once they kill all your humans, they are just gonna incinerate your angel that you spent 5 on.
I actually played against the angel deck that someone locally made too, and the angel was both unexpected and practically impossible to deal with for me. If the rest of the deck is typical humans, this card is definitely a bomb and I'm considering using it myself.
^^^ Agreed. Buddy of mine plays G/W Human tribal with 3 of that flying Wh**e and I swear she is the most aggrivating thing on the planet to deal with. Even with only one human out, she still demands two removal spells to handle. If the deck supports her, she is an enormous threat.
Yes I do plan on keeping my lovely angel sisters, but your help is still greatly appreciated, just ran totals on a few cards, should be able to pick up 1 Sword of Feast and Famine + 1 Sword of Body and Mind + 2 Swords of War and Peace, that will replace a few cards.

Good start? I also have enough to pick up 3 more Mirran crusaders which will replace a few cards obviously, but to be quite honest I don't ever have a problem with Mana. I'm going to pick up seachromes and drop the 2 islands and 2 grottos, but I don't feel the need to add any more plains.

Like I said, I pulled second with this original deck on Friday, just really wanting to make it into something that's a little more fun and a lot less expected :P. I know people don't use those angels often, but when they are protected by even one Invisible Stalker, then the apponent has no idea what to do.

This definitely out aggros Thrun heavy ramp decks, and RDW. I lost my last game only because I let the guy pull out a wormcoil + Batterskull combo on me :X
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