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Has this item been changed to something else? One of my characters has it, but I cannot find it in the builder to equip it.
It's right there in mine ... Level 2 item, Dwarven Armor ...

Are you sure you're trying to select an armor type the enchantment can apply to?  It can only go on chain, scale, or plate.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Its a warlord wearing chain, so yea. its nto showing up in mine for some reason
Did you hit "New" when you created the character?

If so then you're permanently restricted to HoFL/HoFK content, which IIRC does not include the dwarven armor property.

There is no way to remove these restrictions from a character once created. The only way to solve the problem is to create the character over again using Custom / Home Campaign.
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