Karn Liberated or Batterskull?

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In your opinion which card would be more effective in a generic U/B control deck: Karn Liberated or Batterskull.

Please explain your answer.
this question is pretty meta dependent.  batterskull obviously for aggro metas and karn for more control metas.  since i'd assume that UB needs more help against aggro, i guess i would default for karn with nothing else to consider.

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I agree with burning forest.  Batterskull is very gd against the aggro decks.  Wheres karn against control can be excellent.

Personally for me in my meta i would say batterskull as there is a lot of RDW and Human decks all over the place!  Hence you could make an argument for wurmcoil engine as well which i have included over some other cards as a result of the meta!

Just run a misers of each.

Or run one and SB the other.
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Karn hits Inkmoth Nexus, Oblivion Ring, and all the Inn. utility lands. For me that makes him the inclusion personally.
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