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I've hit a massive block for what kind of character to create next. The 10 min character description thread provides more information than needed for quick inspiration and it's difficult to go through it quickly. I'd love a huge collection of brief character concepts to draw inspiration from.

Just the race/class, alignment if it's important, and either a quick summary of their personality, habits, quirks, motivations, or whatever it is that makes that character unique (their name would be useful too but not required). Doesn't matter what kind of character it is (silly, generic, homebrewed, etc), anything can provide inspiration so everything is welcome.

For example:
Raven Darkwater: Lawful evil changeling psion, uses her mental powers and high charisma to manipulate people to gain power/suit her needs.

Gnome Barbarian with a napoleon complex that goes into a rage whenever his height is brought up.
Meshebaal - Dragonborn Cleric devoted to both Vecna and Torog as a religious inquisitor.  He uses brute force along with his Dragonfear to torture forbidden secrets from his captives.
Saelin Worldwalker: An Eladrin Ranger who walks the world with the intent of cataloging the Natural creatures of the World. He is fascinated by the ability of natural creatures' abilities to survive in the absence of Feywild magic. How do wolves manage to hunt without teleportation, like Blink Dogs? What makes a lion such an impressive predator, when it lacks the disrupting field of a displacer beast?
Nvm, after digging deeper I found:


Exactly what I wanted.
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