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the key word is Contempt. Basically, the idea is if your opponent has a certain number of monsters on the field, the ability activates.

Ex:  Hell-bound Fiend
     Contempt- When HellBound Fiend dies, if the opponent has 5 or more creatures, opponent Sacrifices a creature.

Obviously, not every ability would be so powerful, but I think it would be an interesting ability. I was thinking 3 monsters, but for this version, I chose 5 because that's a decent ability.
"The opponent" isn't used because it makes no sense in multiplayer. That would have to be reworded to "If target opponent has 5 or more creatures, that player sacrifices a creature" or something.

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What you're actually talking about is an Ability Word, not a Keyword Ability. Ability Words don't have any rules text associated with them, but are used to tie together several similar abilities in a set thematically.

Additionally, you probably should post this in the You Make the Card forum, which would be a more appropriate place to post home-made cards and mechanics. 

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I simultaneously want to hate this and like this.

It would likely be better if you changed the formatting to Contempt X- trigger if an opponent controls X or more creatures action.

For example, Defense of the Heart could be changed to read:

Contempt 3 - At the beginning of your upkeep, if an opponent controls three or more creatures, sacrifice Defense of the Heart, search your library for up to two creature cards, and put those cards onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Defense of the Heart doesn't have an intervening if-clause? Must abuse!

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Defense of the Heart doesn't have an intervening if-clause? Must abuse!

Yes, it does. "At the beginning of your upkeep, if an opponent controls three or more creatures..."

Standard Answer to all 5E rules questions: "Ask your DM."

Okay, that it does :D What I had actually meant was that it doesn't have an "if you do, " after the sacrifice bit, so I can bounce it in response and still get the creatures.

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I'll just get this thread moved to the You Make the Card forum for you.

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Thank you, zammm.

Escef, your version of it sounds better than mine. I forgot that some worked like that.

If it were turned into a recurring ability-word, I would ditch the variables.  The whole point of ability words is to make a consistent recurring theme more visible and easier to remember without reading the full text.  For instance how Metalcraft always requires three artifacts.  If they hadn't decided to stick so rigidly to a fixed number, I don't think I could remember that Galvanic Arc required two artifacts to power up and Puresteel Paladin needed five or something.  And if players can't do that, then the ability word is meaningless.

The bigger problem though is that keywords and ability words tend to be things that a player can actually use to build a deck around.  There are exceptions, but a keyword almost always implies "Hey, if you can use this mechanic effectively, you can do cool stuff".  You can make a Landfall deck, an Exalted deck, a Hellbent deck, a Battlecry deck, and so on.  Those mechanics all imply certain playing strategies.  A mechanic that relies almost entirely on your opponent doing certain things isn't nearly as interesting.  You might throw a "contempt" card in an existing deck because it's a good card, but the mechanic itself doesn't push you to build a deck in any particular way.
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The keyword should be worded as something like this:

Contempt - When HellBound Fiend dies, if an opponent has five or more creatures, that player sacrifices a creature.

You have an interesting idea, but this (specific) ability seems weak personaly.

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