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Lets start things off with the card descriptions for what I've been working on,


inexorable tide - 1 or more of these in play allows for major profilerating to happens.  Key in deck.

tezzeret's gambit - Draw cards and profilerate.  Practically cast for free with pentad prisms and/or inexorable tide

grim affliction - Excellent creature removal whilst doing profilerating addition


contagion clasp - Don't use that often to profilerate unless in a bind.  Forsee removal overall.

contagion engine - Mass removal/multiple profilerates.  Once your mana engine gets going the cost becomes no concern.

Infused arrows - profilerate to add counters.. removal counters to kill creatures.

Tumble Magnet - endless tapping ability.  soft removal of sorts


pentad prism - Note you must always leave 1 charge counter on it.  Once you get profilerating with inexorable tide/etc. you get tons of free mana out of it.

everflowing chalice - Build up tons of charge counters with profilerating.  Have seen as much as 20 counters on it with no problem.

Deadship reef/Calciform pools/etc. - With a counter on this card is almost just as efficient as pentad prism for ramping up tons of mana.

Mox opal - Deck will likely need 4 to run fast enough.  Haven't bothered testing yet though.

Darksteel citadel - artifact mana

vivid lands - found not necessary as run into no color issues with deadship reefs/etc. or prisms.  I don't like 'come into play tapped' lands, and would consider glimmervoid/reflecting pool/etc.


Tezzeret, agent of bolas - You can play it and normally profilerate quickly to do ultimate ability to win games.  Making darksteel citadel or darksteel relic a 5/5 is always good.

Inkmoth Nexus - Only have to hit opponant once as profilerating will finish him quickly after.

Golem Foundry - can ramp an army of tokens out nicely.


Darksteel relic - with inexorable tide gets free profileratings, and works well with tezzeret for 5/5 indestructible. 

Clock of omens - untap hugely profilerated everflowing chalices.. infused arrows for extra creature kills... Better than I thought.


myojin of seeing winds - profilerate, remove a divinity counter, profilerate, etc.  win the game if you resolve it likely.

Mindless automaton - profilerate, draw, profilerate, draw

Etched Oracle - profilerate, draw, profilerate, draw


Overall looking for ideas on card choices I may not have considered.  See how other people fair building/testing the deck and opinions on viability.  I have been somewhat stunted in its viability for competative play as it is often slow at times, though could be due to my lack of commitment at times.  Thanks for inputs!
For removal, you can consider Crubling Ashes and Blowfly Infestation.
My Trade Thread Control capabilities are in all the colors. The difference is in the way they say no.