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The following thread is also in the General Discussion. It features characters/Builds from Heroes of the Feywild, all of which are playing beautifully so far. If you find any faults or mistakes, please let me know ASAP in comments!

Hello all,

So D&D Encounters: Beyond the Crystal Cave is a thing. A fun thing. A fantastical adventure and role playing filled thing.

A fey thing, if you will.

So far, I'm loving it, but I've found that character creation portion of the game is still a bit wonky. Outside of the online character builder, rolling up a 4e character from scratch is still a very complex process; one most new players are unwilling to commit to, and justifiably so.

That said, a grea deal of players have asked for new pre-generated characters to play. The six standard ones from the last few seasons are great (Fargrim the Dwarf is the best dwarf), but a lot of players want to try something new, without having to go through the hassle of making a character from scratch.

Rather than complain to Wizards about this issue, I took it upon myself to produce some high quality 1-page pregens for the new Heroes of the Feywild setting of the new season of Encounters:

Constructive criticism is welcomed, as is any other ideas or suggestions. I also made three other pre-gens (based on three of D&D's newest and most iconic characters), which are available on my blog. Please check them out.


You probably want to put this somewhere other than that Errata Suggestions forum.
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