What kind of events will there be for Masques block after the prerelease?

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This is the first launch of a non standard card set that I am interested in since I started playing MTGO and I was wondering what kind of events they hold for these kinds of sets and how long they last usually. The only other set to come out like this sine I started MTGO was the Masters Edition 4 and I didn't pay attention so I can't remember what kind of events there were. Will there be "release" type sealed queues that only cost 24tx? will there be swiss drafts that cost the normal 3 boosters + 2tix or only single elimination type drafts (I hate those because I like to get my money's worth in play time) and will there be 4 booster sealed queues?

If no one knows the exact answer, does anyone remember what it has been like in previous launches like this one?
For a great source of information on the Pauper format check out Pauper's Cage!
Hey Gabochidillo,

Here's the link to the current information available about the Masque's pre-release events: www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.a...

We don't have any release event details yet.

Hope that helps,

Here's the link to information about the release events for Urza's Destiny, the most recent classic set release. I assume Masques Block will be similar, but I'm not sure.
Do we really need a pre-release for a set that is 12 years old? 
Do we really need a pre-release for a set that is 12 years old?

No more than we needed pre-release events for any of the other old classic sets. Though, give how unpopular this block is expected to be, maybe an exception could have been made.

if people will en masse swarm the PR queues on this one I will lose all faith in humanity
if people will en masse swarm the PR queues on this one I will lose all faith in humanity

I'm willing to bet they will.  I'll bet that the port lottery is going to have a bigger payout than the Jace lottery did.

That'll draw people regardless of how poor the odds of cracking one may be. 
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I'd actually be surprised if more than 1 fires. The pre-release card stinks (if it was one of the handful of chase cards, I could actually see all of them firing), the cards inside the packs stink (after Port and Wire, there is very little $$ coming out of these packs), and the events are expensive (30 tix!).

I may be proven wrong, but I think most of us who are actually interested in drafting this block (myself included, if only because I had already quit when this was out in paper), are willing to wait the week to play with mediocre cards that are already overpriced.
If they think i will pay 30 tix for MM prerelease, they are way wrong.
Wizards, you made a huge, huge, huge mistake with these Masques pre-release events. Here are your three major mistakes:

1. Pricing. I can attend a paper pre-release at a well-known large card shop in San Jose for $20. I can attend a paper pre-release at any number of lesser known smaller shops for $30. Each of these events pays out at minimum two packs prizes per player (according to your own rules, but most pay out more). That's 8 packs for $30 worst case, or less than $4 per pack, less than retail. Now consider your 20 tix "pre-release" draft events. These events equal out to 4.625 packs per player, or $4.32 per pack. That's MORE than retail. The situation is slightly better for the sealed events, but you made a mistake there too...

2. Your player base for these events is different. A large number of the people who want to draft Masques are people who were playing Magic for at least 12 years, when Masques was originally released in paper. These players are older than your average player. They generally have more commitments and stuff to deal with, and it's difficult for them to sit down 6 consecutive rounds for a game of virtual Magic cards. People are going to skip out on these tourneys just because they are 6 rounds rather than 3 to 4.

3. It's a "pre-release" in name only. The real Masques pre-release was September 25th, 1999. The MTGO "pre-release" comes 4452 days after the real pre-release. If people have already been waiting 4452 days for Masques on MTGO, many will just decide to wait 4457 days instead for the decent events to start.
It gets even worse guys: the release event details were just posted today and they're 30 tix too.

Well, I WAS excited to try this set out. I wrote an e-mail to them about how disgusted I am about the jacked up price for a on old set that you can't play in standard or redeem. Of course, I am abstaining from the release events now and probably from purchasing any boosters from the set too. Not that I have much of an impact, but jeez, you'd think they'd understand we shouldn't be paying premium for such a downgraded product.
The EV on these is actually slightly higher then the 24 tix ones (65.83% compared to 65.63%), plus you can enter with packs as opposed to being forced to use just tickets.

They did the exact same thing for Urza's Destiny.  Same thing with having the 33 player limit on the PE sealeds as oposed to the normal 65 for release PE sealeds.

Both are actually improvements and nods to the fact that they know the normal payout would not be good enough for these old sets.  Personally I can't wait.  Love classic sets and hope we get more going forward (Classic Core Set anyone?)
How long will the MM block be available after these "pre-release" event?
i think they know that their audience is fixed and already determined. so they will jack the price as high as they can. most people wont play this anyway and people who will plat at 24 will play at 30 as well.
Not quite. I will only play the 64 mans... Well.... If they schedule even a single one at a time I can play 3-5 pacific MTF if they care.
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As an player of average skill trying to nickel and dime wizards and milk the MTGO service the most I can (like most of us in these forums), it looks like the best offer for anyone wanting to play during the first week of the MM block is with the TNMO 4 booster sealed events. At 16tix, its almost half the price of a release or prerelease event and the price structure isn't that bad. Its, of course, nowhere near as good as winning 3 or 4 games in a release event but then, you need to be better than average skill to do that.

I'll be interested to see what kind of attendance the pre-release events have. I imagine they made them scheduled because they assumed there wouldn't be a very high demand. If there is low demand, then queues take ages to start so it can often be worse than having a series of scheduled events.

What I don't understand is having the pre-release events be 6 rounds long. That certainly takes me out of the game because I can't commit to such a long event and the entry price certainly doesn't warrant entering and droping at any point. So how many MTGO subscribers have interest in the MM block, don't care about EV (or are convinced the cards in MM will be worth something) and have 6 hours to spend over the weekend?
For a great source of information on the Pauper format check out Pauper's Cage!
if i were the manager, i'd give a rishadan port to each participant instead of putting those extra rounds. the income for wizards would be at least 10 times higher.
Close to 200 people have played in the three prerelease events that have fired so far. 

I trust the board regulars have now lost all faith in humanity. 
I saw lsv in a prerelease sealed.
People like LSV are up +infinite so they can afford to throw away as many tix as they want on sillyness. And he makes sweet videos for us to watch.    Heck even I, a fairly mediocre player, could afford it as traditionally I always get + EV on old set release sealeds.   But I will never play a pre release online.  I doubt I'll play the 30 tix release ones. Maybe 1 or 2 for nostalgia, not 20, like I did with innistrad (or urza block , or MED 4 or other old releses)
People like LSV are up +infinite so they can afford to throw away as many tix as they want on sillyness...

I think he went undefeated, so I it wasn't just silliness for him. Spending 30 tix to open 6 packs and get 15 more in winnings is decent. If you can do average, I don't think they were that bad. However, I'm obviously in the minority. The turnouts for the sealed events averaged in the low 40's. The last one had 60.

I think the cost for the prerelease Swiss drafts are too much. They were firing just a little bit more than once per hour on Saturday.

Masques Block cards are going to be very scarce.

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