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So my son bought me this guinea pig model as inspiration for a GW game he would like me to run. I mounted on a huge base.

Now I need to Gammarize it!  I could use some ideas for powerz, etc.  

I was thinking of Thundering shrieks, perhaps leaping about (a la shifts)

I was also trying to come up with something having to do with "Being a guinea pig."  So, the mutant GP could make a PC _its_ guinea pig, like make the target of the attack share damage, etc. 


Eddie Murphy's Doctor Dolittle with the poop shooting guinea pig comes to mind.
There is also Bugsy from Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories with the giant crazy eyes.

Of course all you need to do to Gammarize it is give it a superiority complex and a laser guidence system.
If they're anything like hamsters/gerbils, give it once heckuva bite.  Truly scary to see a rodent yawn with them big incisors a'showin'.
Wondering if the rat character mentioned throughout the game + expansions (he wears a lab coat) and white rat from the 2nd GW novel who championed science might be useful models.  Maybe he quotes Shakespeare while also talking like the Hulk (Guinea Pig Smash!  Forsooth!)
you also have the G-Force movie, with all those Ginea Pig's spy gadgets
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