Any advise for D&D monsters in GW?

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Specifically advice on level conversions. I'm new to 4th ed and GW as well.  Has anyone worked out a rough D&D monster level conversion since GW characters have a level 10 limit but also seem to be a bit stronger then D&D characters of equal level? I would love to run a GW campaign using all sorts of great D&D monsters ("created by a Mad Wizard") but I don't want to over- or underwhelm the players.  If this has been covered and I missed it then just let me know otherwise any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Heres to players facing a Beholder Ultimate Tyrant! mwuahahaha
What little experience I have with D&D-GW crossover games would suggest that the level in one is pretty similar to the level in the other. I'd keep D&D monster level pretty low to compensate, but I also tend to enjoy low-level games best so I like low-level monsters best as well.

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I bought Monster Vault specifically to have a diversity of Gamma critters. Everything in it I can redescribe in a scifi trappings including nanobots animating bones. Now what I'd like to ask, are the humans in Monster Vault the closest thing to the old GW Pure Strain Human?
I did a series on this on my blog. I have one last entry in the series coming in a couple of weeks, but you can find the start of the series here:
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