The Rules

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The Magic: Expanded Multiverse (M:EM) Project is open to everyone. All members of the group are allowed and encouraged to voice their opinions on current and past projects, to vote to accept new works into the archive, and to submit their own works to the M:EM.

The M:EM is officially lead by the Overlord, who is responsible for the maintaining the project as a whole and deciding on its short and long term goals. The Overlord also has the power to delegate any of his or her duties to other members of the M:EM by creating new positions for them to fill. If for whatever reason someone is unwilling or incapable of fulfilling the position assigned to them it falls on the Overlord to either perform the duties himself thereby abolishing the position or to find someone new for the position. The position of Overlord is currently held by Barinellos The Great and Terrible.

There are currently three (3) positions created by the Overlord, they are as follows;

1. The Speaker is responsible for the Voting Forum. It is his or her duty to call a start to votes that have been requested in the Vote Request thread, to inform people when a vote has begun, and to declare when the voting has closed. The Speaker will post the results of all completed votes in the Voting results thread, and will move all accepted works into their appropriate section of the archives. The position of Speaker is currently held by Trolljuju Master of the Juju.

2. The Archivist is responsible the compilation and organization of official Magic: The Gathering material to be added to the Apocrypha so that it is not lost forever. He or she is also partially responsible for the general organization and maintenance of the rest of the archives. The position of Archivist is currently held by KeeperofManyNames one of which is Sam.

3. The Works Manager is responsible for the Works in Progress/Up for Discussion/Requests forum. Their duty is to help the members of the M:EM stay focused and complete their projects, and to make sure good ideas don't get abandoned. The position of Works Manager is currently held by Jedi123 Master Prodder.

The archives are everything that the M:EM creates. The index of the archives is marked for your ease of understanding. When you submit something to the project, you can determine a lot of the marks applied to the characters, planes, and other bits in the story that become part of the M:EM's Canon.

 means Open. Marking something Open effectively gives up ownership of it the M:EM. Open things are things that are free for everyone to use.

 means Public, the default mark. Marking something Public means you want other people to use it and build on it, even in ways you might not have intended, but you'd like to retain some creative control over  where it goes.

 means Private. Marking something Private means you consider it entirely yours, and want the last word on its inclusion in other works, or interactions with it: you retain almost total creative control over  Private things. Because you can already veto big changes to Public things, though, remember that you don't have to mark a character as Private just to keep them from being killed off by someone else.

 means Active. This thing is being worked on, right now, and isn't going to stay in its current form.

 means Contested Canon. This thing steps on other things toes or has had its toes stepped on, or has been made problematic by Wizards.  It needs to be considered and might be deleted, changed, or kept as is.

 means Dead. This thing no longer exists in the present, though it existed in the past. You might be able to resurrect it somehow, but that would be a Major Change, and would need permission from its author if public or private.

  means, roughly, Planeswalker. This character can travel the planes. Occasionally, this might be used for other things that can travel the planes.

Official Speaker of the Expanded Multiverse Project, Step into Dominia-Embrace the infinite Magic of the Planes. This -> is my favorite smiley, I will use it often and without reason. You have been warned.
The Story of My Love
79035425 wrote:
Trolljuju wiped the sweat from his brow as he continued his slow trudge up the snowy mountain. The wind was strong and fiercely cold, but he pressed against it. Juju knew Beast Engine was somewhere at the peak, waiting for him. But this was not a matter of confronting the forces of nature themselves; that had been accomplished long before, and was now too easy to maintain the manly man's interest. Today, Beast Engine was here waiting for a friend. Trolljuju's mind drifted from his appointment to thoughts of Beast Engine's manliness. The only man in history to punch the fossilized remains of a dinosaur back to life just to punch it to death again. The man who deflected bullets with his pectoral muscles during his daily assassination attempts. The man who cured cancer with a serum made from pure crystalized virility. The man who burst with vigor. Not just a man but a Man- the manliest of all men. A god of masculinity in physical form. Trolljuju's heart fluttered at the memory of him and lightened his steps as he pressed on. Suddenly, he was shaken from his reverie by a deep, powerful rumble in the mountain that shook him to his core. Instinctively, he threw himself to the ground just before the slope ahead of him exploded in a fiery wall of light and heat. So great was the force that the entire upper section of the mountain was vaproized. It scorched Juju's coat, then rose on the air to drift far away, a plume of white-hot ash. When Trolljuju lifted his head to see what was left behind, he beheld a wide, perfectly flat stone plateau, and in the distance he could see a muscular figure, his foot still held up from the kick. There was no doubt it was Beast Engine. As soon as the ground beneath him cooled, Juju cast his heavy pack aside and ran. As the figure grew with closeness, he could see Beast Engine was nude, as was expected. The snow that fell near him turned to a thin wall of steam, looking to Trolljuju's eyes like a barrier. Engine was too strong, too manly to occupy the same space as the ordinary universe. He lived in a world all his own. But fortunately for Juju, it was only an illusion. He ran at full speed into Engine, who caught him with both arms and effortlessly twirled with him, resting with Juju dipped low to the ground in Engine's arms. "Beast Engine, my love," Trolljuju breathed, sturck with awe at Engine's masculine beauty despite the familiarity of his face. Engine just smiled, radiating from every inch of him with incredible strength, yet gentle warmth. "It's been so long, Juju. I've missed you." "Forgive me. I lost contact with you while you were boxing with Death to win back and consume the soul of Theodore Roosevelt. But now I'm here..." Juju lifted one tentative hand to Engine's face, but he pulled away. "You know I cannot give you what you seek. Were we to make love, your body would be destroyed by the force." "I know, of course I would," Juju responded, tears in his eyes. "May I have, at least, one kiss?" "Very well. For you, my friend." Slowly, gingerly, they came closer. But the moment their lips met, a flood of unbridled manliness rushed into Trolljuju, body and soul, and every cell in his body exploded. Beast Engine fell to his knees, and in his grief, he wept. The tears that fell from his face burned deep into the rock beneath him. But slowly, his sorrow turned to conviction. He beat the crap out of Death once. He could do it again.