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When activating monsters do all monsters get activated each player or only those monsters the player has in front of him.

For example

Player A has a kobold in front of him.
Player B has a skeleton in front of him.
Player C has no monsters.

It is player B turn. During his villan phase he activates his skeleton.
When done is his turn (player B)and the villan phase done? Or
Does the next monster on the board get activated, that being the kobold.

Thanks for any help figuring this out.
Player B activates the skeleton only. Then the villain phase is done, and it moves over to player C's hero phase. Player C does not activate a monster, unless he/she draws a monster card during the turn. 

Each player activates the monsters infront of him/her only. Having said that, if both player A and B has the same monster (skeleton for example), both skeletons on the board activates on both player A and B's villain phase.  

Player A: Skeleton
Player B: Skeleton

Both skeletons activate during player A's villain phase. 
Both skeletons activate during player B's villain phase. 
Also, the same player cannot have more than 1 of each monster. (Player B cannot have 2 skeletons). 
Thank you so much.

I did not understand that rule clearly because in the rule it seems like it saying all monsters are activated.
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