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So I'm making a Sandsoul Genasi Swordmage, but in Forgotten Realms, not Dark Sun. I need help coming up with a background, specifically one that makes it logical for a Sandsoul to be in Forgotten Realms, and why he would be with an adventuring party.

Our party consists of a sorceror, wizard, fighter (defender), cleric, rogue, and avenger, if that helps spark some ideas.

Something to do with the Spellplague would also be appreciated, but isn't necessary.
Once an Earthsoul Genasi growing up in Nethjet, the hard life of those who still breath in Thay was difficult for the character at a young age. Learning to make use of the desert badlands and their vastness, the touch of the spellplague that lingered in the lands changed the character with each day. His body grew soft and brittle, like sand more than stone, and the continual work of evading the undead thralls of Szass Tam and his servants had made his muscles limber, and his movements shifty. The first Sandslide was as much a surprise to the character as it was the forces chansing him. With time and practice, however, he learned to make use of his new form and powers, not only to escape capture, but also to gain entrance to places he never could before.

That's all I got. No details for how the character learned his trade and met the party, so do what you will with this. Happy Gaming
That is perfect. Thank you :D
An earthsould in chalimsport, as there is no natural bedrocks to develop a hard earthsoul from so they naturaly evolved to a sandsoul like other races developed darkening skin over generations.
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