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Can a character in melee shift off a cliff?

Shouldn't jumping off a cliff grant AOO?
You can shift into an adjacent square. If that square is a pit or cliff, you will fall. Falling doesn't provoke.

If the DM wanted to be a jerk about, they could state shifting into open air isn't viable. Argument being, to shift into a space of a given medium, you need to have an appropriate movement mode. Shifting in water requires a swim speed, shifting along a wall requires a climb speed, and shifting in air requires a fly speed. And since the square just beyond the cliff's edge is just air...they could rule it necessitates a fly speed.
1. Yes you can Shift over a precipice just like you can Walk or Run into one. 

2. No Falling does not Trigger Opportuntiy Action. If you mean Jumping as in using the Athletic Skill to Jump into a Precipice, then you cannot use a Skill check ability  during a Shift, and if the Jump is made off of a Walking action, then yes it would Trigger an Opportunity Attack as normal, since you'd leave an adjacent square (the one on the Cliff) while Walking or Running etc...

Plague has the right of it. My comment was a bit tongue in cheek. That same DM, by extension, would also have to rule that you can't walk/run off a precipice either. In short: one does not simply walk into more air.
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