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I'm playing a nice midrange aggro deck that is green white and in my local meta, there is a lot of Jund being played.

I have purposely sideboarded obstinate baloth and Wilt-Leaf Liege

Last time I played against Jund, I boarded 4 copies of each in after getting blightninged a couple times and sure enough.....the first time he used blightning on me I put a copy of each from my hand onto the battlefield. Ended up letting me play 9 power and gaining 4 life for 0 mana.

I fully expected him in game 3 to take out the blightnings so I took out all 4 copies of each of those creatures.....but to my suprise he left the blightnings in.

Was this smart on his part....or just dumb luck that he thought I might board the creatures out after beating him with them?
I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
I think it's sad that your opponents are even using blightning. Obstinate baloth is solid against jund, but there are better choices depending on your decklist. Jund really has issues with hexproof dudes and stuff like kitchen finks.

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