Looking for someone who likes drawing?

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So, I am starting to get into D&D. I say that because I have little disposable income, and I have to get the books slowly but surely. Anywho, hoping someone who can draw better than me (read:anyone) can help me out.  I randomly did up an elf paladin, as in I randomly picked everything i possibly could. I crapped out this little intro in a few minutes. Please take a look. You have free reign with his appearance and everything. Keep in mind, he is slightly insane due to being alone for a long time.

Elves are known for their grace and wisdom.  That’s the general consensus.  That’s also why elven paladins are sources of great confusion.  That list didn’t say elves are known for brute strength and religious fervor.  But what does a paladin do except spread the gospel, like a tree spreads its seeds?  They are clerics, albeit with bigger, pointier sticks.  I choose to spread the message of Melora through the snap of a bow and the point of a sword.  Does this make me unusual? I don’t know, I don’t talk to enough “normal” people to figure that out.  I spend most of my time praying. Oh, and dealing with monsters who disturb the natural order.

A flash of green, a flash of red, a flash of steel, a flash of death. Yes, I write little poems to myself. They’re not very good, but it keeps me going.  It’s very lonely out here sometimes.  Corpses don’t make good company, which is why I’m heading to a nearby city to find a company of merry travelers.  Who knows, maybe there is a lady-elf waiting for her paladin in shining armor.

It's short, crappy, and to the point.  Hope you enjoyed it marginally more than gouging your eyes out with broaches.

Love, Poly.