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I know it is casual but here it goes. You would be supprised how well it works being a different deck. It is fun to play too. The art on the Reaver is sick to boot. Tell me what ya think.

Turn one drop a green mana producing land and a  Bird of Paradise . Pass turn.

Turn two you want to have a Aven Mimeomancer so you need a white or blue mana source + the  Bird of Paradise  you dropped turn one. 

Turn three during your upkeep turn the Bird of Paradise
 into a 3/1 with the Aven Mimeomancer ability. Then you drop a black or red mana source and play the  Knight of New Alara transforming your Aven Mimeomancer Into a 5/3 flyer. Swing for 5 flying.

My now I am sure atleast one of the flyers has been picked off. If not your are set up for turn 4 to turn the knight into a 3/1 flyer too and have the mana to drop the Lightning Reaver 

Now instead of being a 3/3 he is a 5/5 becouse of the knight.

The entire deck is built around getting this guy out and getting the mana to do so.
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