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I noticed this product on drivethrurpg. The idea sounded cool. Cthulhu has won and the world is in ruin. I assume the PCs are all humans trying to survive.

When I mentioned it to my brother he responded with "so gamma world: now with more tentacles?" It hadn't occur to me to mix the two ideas. Now I keep thinking that sounds like fun. I may have to get the product to see how they describe the world and see how to mix gamma world in.

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It does sound fun. Cthulhu is awesome. Gamma World is awesome. Radioactive mutated Cthulhu would be a neat combination.

The only thing I wonder about is the tone. Cthulhu games tend to be dark and heavy adventures, GW tends to be slapstick and light. I'm not sure if "rayguns and tentacles" would be dark or light....

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It just makes a Dark Comedy?

You can run and adventure where Barney the Purple Dinosaur is a Harold of Cthulhu and performs The Play King in Yellow, to which you must stop him before he changes the local mutant popluation in zombies.

This would not be too hard of a conversion. Yes gamma world is slapstick - but if you take away some of the absurd mutations (Footus Ginormicus), maybe add some darker ones, take some dnd creatures for some space ooze (Dnd - ooze) and mi-go (Dnd - thri-kreen), and a bit of curses and madnesses. You could pull it off.

Curses could be easy - a penalty to rolling. The madnesses would be a bit more involved. The thing about Cthulhu is that the investigators go more insane the more they learn. So you would have to generate a way to track sanity. Probably the easist way would be to just give a 'hp' like stat to the players and have them make will checks or take some sanity damage each time they meet something unspeakable.

A great resource if you like Cthulhu is the game Arkham Horror, they have a great wiki to help you on your way, and if you have not played it yet, do so!
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