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After seeing the preview for curse of stalked prey and the building on a budget article for Stalking Stalkers i wanted to make a RU beatdown deck.

Here is what i have right now.

4x Stromkirk Noble
4x Chandra's Phoenix
4x Stormblood Berserker
4x Invisible Stalker
4x Thrumming Bird

4x Ponder
4x Mana Leak
4x Volt Charge
4x Curse of Stalked Prey
2x Tezzert's Gambit

2x Sulfur Falls
11x Mountain
9x Island

No sideboard yet.  Any advice on the deck or sideboard would be appreciated.

Sorry couldnt find how to make the card links.

I would say that Blue isn't offering this deck much. You're running Blue for Ponder, Mana Leak - a reactive spell in a proactive deck?, Stalker (which tends to just be miserable), and Thrumming Bird (another 1/1 in an aggressive deck?).

My advice would be to make this Mono-Red and just go with a traditional RDW build. If you want to be techy, you can try out R/W Curse. Just run things like Noble, Champion, Berserker, Phoenix, Crusader, etc. The mana is going to be awful though, so RDW might be the better choice overall.

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i had better luck with spikeshot elder then noble
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The interaction between curse and bird is what makes the deck fun to play.  Its not needed to win, and in testing i have won games without curse, but it is the best interaction in the deck, thats why its included.

a friend of mine has a simmilar deck, he uses assault strobe on the thruming bird for some rediculousness, 5/5, now thats a big bird! on like turn 3 and your opponent just took 4 from the bird alone, the bird is the word IMO. also curiosity is a decent card for the deck. also vault skirge.
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