11/17/2011 TD: "Everything to Everyone"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Standard is so awesome right now. So many decks!
You also didn't talk about Pod =O
Here's my actual gauntlet for Standard. So you were right on the money!


UR Delver

GR Wolf Run Ramp

Mono Green Wolf Run Ramp (Dungrove version)

Mono Green Wolf Run Ramp (Wolfball version)

Township Tokens

Haunted Humans


UW Blade

UB Control

Solar Flare

Mono Black Infect

Bant Pod

*** I'll have to add the new Wolf Run with a splash of White to the list!

Just in case you missed in Juza's deck, the Garruk Veil Cursed Mortarpod combo that turns the tokens with deathtouch into creature kill.  Smitty at 60cards has been pushing it, but his deck is too many colors.
last world champs starts today but as always there will be zero coverage other than 1 every 2 hours tweet from a random wizards guy, few match reports written by a guy who  does not understand the game and few podcasts done by rich. great job wizards.
I found a typo in the first sentence under Blue "Blue is most commonly paired with black in this format, and that is largely based on the synergy between Snapcaster Mage and fast removal sells like Doom Blade."
I think you meant 'spells'. Either way loved the article.
Mike, keep up the good work.  I've followed you for years!  I really enjoy reading your words of wisdom here on the mothership.  Smile
While there is alot of verity in the decks being used atm. I feel like ppl really haven't steeped up and taken the graveyard manipulation to the next lvl...

I really think Innistrad hasn't even hit it's stride!
And that's coming from New phyrexia with it's awesome 0(insert N.P. mana symbol) mana cards... 

This article is great in that it gives us an idea of what's being played in tournaments! 
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