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Hey guys,

I'm relatively new to magic but I'm fairly competitive and have a strong winrate as well as a top 8 in states/provs after playing for just over a month.

I am a student at University and I only had so much money to allocate into Magic cards.

As a result I maximized my standard deck and I'm playing U/W Humans which isn't all that expensive, but still with dual lands/geists/heroes cost me a good chunk.

I now need to make a Legacy deck and Modern deck to try and be proficient in all three formats.

For legacy, I plan to use the Red Deck Wins list that's only around $150 compared to most legacy decks at around $2030023023020

Now I need to build a modern deck that can be competitive, but not cost too much money.

Honestly, I'd like to play zoo, but the lands are more than I can afford alone and I've tried zoo with basic lands (worst idea ever).

Anyways, I need some help making a deck on a budget and I also need some help playing the deck, and what I should do against match-ups in the metagame.

Thanks for your help! It is truly appreciated and I'll acknowledge you after I win three pro tours and worlds :D
Cheapest top showing decks are probably:
Melira Pod Combo (had one of the best % against all decks)
Twin combo (poor showing at Worlds, but has been strong before)
Living End combo

The cheapest aggro deck is probably affinity

If you are looking for threads on the archetypes don't waste your time here, it seems very few people care much about modern on these forums.  MTG Salvation has very active community and a good handle on the metagame.  There is also a thread in their modern forums that lists the top decks by price, if I recall.
If you are putting the pieces together for Legacy RDW, you could probably get a Modern RDW at the same time.  They share many of the same pieces.
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