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Previews of some adventures I wrote years ago for 3.5... let me know if you want me to post full versions. 

The Wrong Side of the River(generic setting)


Rashk was always in trouble.  For him, early life was defined by how many times he got locked up for some form of trouble, from thievery to assault and antisocial behavior bordering on the psychopathic.  Young, emotionally overwhelmed and cruel, Rashk could never fit within the simple, good-natured farming community that he grew up in.  So he acted out against his human heritage, and a year ago he fled the small town of Estis for the forest on the opposite side of the river, the forest that is home to the savagery of nature, and home as well to the orc tribe that he would come to call his people instead.   

Now, although he could crush his human home-town with the might of the forest orc tribes under his command, he would prefer to have the town waste away – this out of a twisted sense of justice.  Thus, he is poisoning the town’s water supply with a compound that destroys crops, turns animals hostile and induces dire illness in every inhabitant, while his own people are immune to the effects. 

If anyone can stop him, it’s the strangers who have wandered into town at the right time. 

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