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This thread is for discussion of this week's Wizards Asks, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Foil Foil.
It's hilarious, I tells ya!
Oversized Mimeoplasm. Sooo awesome.
What's my most prized Magic possessions?  The enjoyment I get from playing with friends; the thrill of an exciting game; & that particular buzz you get when you've just taught someone how to play, & you recognize that all-too-familiar hunger in their eyes for more.

These things may be intangible, but in the end, don't all the best things in life share that same ethereality?  A mere card may be as concrete as concrete, & you may be able to hold it in your hand, but if that card was about something more, if there was a story behind it (say, down on 1 life against an opponent at 20 with a very full board, & I STILL managed to pull out the win with this one card...), which is more valuable to you, the card--whose attributes & statistics can be easily remembered, & therefore its physical presence is, at least on some levels, irrelevant--or the story behind it.  Put it another way, which would you rather have?

Yes, the idea of a foil Foil is quite smile-inducing, & if having a T-rex head for a hand is awesome, then having an even bigger T-rex head for a hand is even moar awesomer, but I put it to the community at large that it's infinetly better to get someone new hooked on the mind-controlling ink than it is just hoarding cards like some kind of weird Scrooge McDuck; in addition to being a pretty solid mass, a vault full of cards also poses some grave papercut risks.
My most prized magic posession,to me, is my entire card collection. I love all my cards the same. But I recently obtained a foil Lava Spike signed by the artist (Mark Tedin) from my cousin the other day. Anyone I love my merfolk collection and They are my most prized magic possession.
My most prized Magic possesson is the Ice Age Gorilla Pack that came in an issue of Prevues around 1994, I got the magazine from my comic store and saw a loose card, it didnt really draw much of my attention at first but something about it beckoned to me..it was my first Magic Card and I still keep a copy of it someplace and out of respect to that card I still enjoy playing my ape deck. This card was what got me into the game. The curiosity to find out more about Magic led me to begin playing around ice age and get into Mirage...but what really got me in was Portal..that was Magic for Dummy's. 
My next most prized magic  posession were two rare lands from the Tutor program..It was a program started around 1998 i believe. If you taught anyone how to play magic, you gave them a postcard which had a code attached to your tutor number, for every postcard sent in you got points and then would recieve prizes..well, the dang program got killed and i got those two cards as a consolation prize..i never could get enough points to recieve anything, and i was always trying to teach people how to play but they never would send in the dang postcards....
I keep my prized possessions in the front page of my binder. Three foil Storm Crows, a signed Revized Lightning Bot, a Serendib Efreet, an Apocalypse Chime, a Marit Lage token, a Siver token, and a Red-Hot Hottie that I had signed by every girl at a local convention :D
So many cards, so hard to pick. Foil Mox Opal is the most beautiful card i own, and i pulled it myself. Its been sleeved and hard sleeved and im very much thinking about getting it graded since its perfect.
My most prized card is a story nearly identical to Kelly Digges':

Mine is also a Shivan Dragon.  It was 1996, I had just been introduced to this game called MtG.  We played and then in a magazine I saw it, the biggest, baddest dude on the planet.  I had to have it.  I searched for weeks for one, and then finally at the local shop one magically appeared.  I bought it on the spot for exactly $10, a fortune at the time for a High School kid living away from home.

I still have the Shivan Dragon, it sits in a full hard sleeve, and it has never seen play.  I have proxied it dozens of times, but that Dragon sits there in all its majestic glory.

Sure, throughout the years, I have acquired tons more cards, and nearly all of them are move "valuable", but those get played, usually without sleeves.  Not the Dragon, though.  It is now just a sentimental reminder of the good-ole-days.

I grew up in the same town as artists Mark Tedin and Anson Maddocks. My family went to the same church as Mark's family. My dad asked his dad if a meeting could be arranged. So one grey, rainy, Southeastern Alaskan day I got to meet my favorite artist and have a few cards signed by him. Out of those, my most prized possession is a 4th Edition Lord of the Pit.
Wow, I have same story as a few others.

It was 1995 or 1996. My friend had told me about this new game that people at school were playing, so we got his dad to take us to the mall to buy revised starter decks. Inside my deck was a Vesuvan Doppelganger. It was love at first sight. I played that card to death, but somehow it's still in good condition after16 years of flipping it and i'm so grateful that i still have it.

Another card in that starter deck was my Phantom Monster, which handed me my very first magic victory. I thankfully still have that card as well. Phantom Monster's art and flavor text really got me attached to the flavor of the game. Even though I don't typically agree with the philosophy of blue mana (im definitely a green mage at heart...ironic that i despise playing green for the most part), blue is still my favorite color to play. I played the heck out of my Phantom Monster and Vesuvan Doppelganger so much that I don't get the same nostalgic feeling from the game when i'm not playing blue.

I also love white though. Its the only color that I both enjoy playing and agree with philosophically. I wouldn't trade my sun titans, baneslayers, akromas, gideons, elesh norns, elspeths (knight errant of course), or duel deck luminous angels for anything.

Full art Voidslime. Because I won it at States.
My favorite card is a 7th Edition Goblin King.

Back in the day I had two decks - a pure swamp deck and a goblin deck. Built mostly from singles that I bought at my local card shop. After I quit, those decks became lost in time.

I just started playing again after 8+ years and somehow Goblin King is the ONLY card from my original decks that I managed to find. I use him now in a new goblin deck that I made and its the only card with a white boarder. Brings back lots of memories.
I'm glad to see that you still have that Shivan.  That was certainly the envy amongst the playgroup!

I still have that Lord of the Pit I got back in the day.

Most prized Magic possession? My foil, signed Watery Grave. I started playing soon after Ravnica was released and, to this day, it's one of my favorite blocks. As I pulled it from the pack, I remember thinking, "This will be perfect for that Glimpse the Unthinkable!" And many thanks to Rob Alexander for putting sharpie to cardboard to make it that much more memorable for me!
i would say my most prized card is my promo Mayor of Avabruck. One I got it signed and two it is a token of the last time i'd ever play MTG with a friend that passed.
My copy of Thrun, the Last Troll. I opened him at the Mirrodin Besieged prerelease, the first prerelease I ever attended, and he was my very first mythic rare. A good, solid, flavourful card with a lot of fond memories attached to it (I never actually ended up running him at the prerelease - I only had about three playable green cards and top-eighted with a mono-white deck instead). Definitely on my list of "things I will never sell or trade".
My Gilded Drake playset. The card taught me I don't need to play big, bad creatures to win.
 my most prized magic possession is my foil gideon jura, i bought three m12 boosters, i pulled some rare that i cant remember, the next one i pulled a regular gideon jura, and the third pack i got my foil version. i was so happy i almost cried lol.
my most prized card is tezzeret agent of bolas foil i trayded $171 worth of cards for one card its a very long story
My most prized Magic possesion is my revised Tundra my uncle gave me when i first started the game in the original Mirrodin. When i weant to a Legacy tournament in Monroeville everybody there asked if it was real, i'm never trading it.

my foil metalworker, got in the first booster pack i ever opened, nigh on 11ish years ago
My favorite card would have to be my Magma Sliver. It was among my first rares and was the inspiration for my EDH-like Sliver deck that I have poured hours of playtime, work, and many different cards into.
My most prized card is a sensei's divining top I got way back when first getting into the game. I had no idea how good it was for like six years xD
My most prized Magic possession is my Candelabra of Tawnos.  Way back when I first started playing in late 1994 I saw a Candelabra at a local store and something about it just struck me as awesome.  Granted, I didn't buy it, but I thought it was a neat trinket.  I actually really grew to like the card because of the old Duels of Planeswalker game (not the one for current gaming systems, but the old RPG-style PC game), where I'd use the Candelabra along with Mana Flare to cast Fireball and Disintegrate for absurd amounts of damage.  I didn't actually acquire a real Candelabra until 2002 or so when a friend of mine sold me his collection ($200 for about 14 dual lands and a bunch of other stuff...sweet deal).  Imagine my surprise when years later I happened to visit the Star City Games website and see their buy list on the welcome page with $250 being offered for Candelabra.  Every day I contemplate selling it.  I only have the one Candelabra, so I'm not going to be using it in a Legacy High Tide deck, which relegates it to Commander.  A smart person would probably sell it, but I'm too nostalgic for my own good.
My  most prized Magic card is probably Urabrask the Hidden. It was my first mythic rare ever, and I really took great care of it. Lots of memories playing with that card (one of them being fighting against the dumb Dismember).
my ultimate favorite is the all mighty ATOGATOG... it was really hard for me to get mine, i started buying odyssey boosters and got nothing from them but a kamahl pit  fighter, but finally a frienda agreed to trade it .... happiest day of my cardlife XD
Tough call, but I have to go with my Revised Nightmare.  I got back in to Magic two years ago, and last fall I sent it away to get signed by Melissa Benson after I bought some art from her.  It and some other cards nearly didn't make it there as the case they were in got shattered in the mail, but Benson let me know about this and replaced the case with some hard sleeves.

Nightmare was just an awesome card. To a 12 year old the vision of a flying, firey horse was just awesome. I won a handful of games with it against older, more skilled opponents, and I remember there was even a Comic Book issued about it.

A note to Wizards; the creature Nightmare actually represents is a Puca, it's just that pucas, tradtionally speaking, took the form of a horse, rabbit, goblin or even a dog.  It should really be classified as a shapeshifter.  Hopefully it'll be back (in flaming horse form) for M13 after Lashwrithe cycles out.
Many, many years ago, when I was but a young bear cub, I was upset that I was ill on a bright, warm Saturday in May, because it was the day of the school street fair.  My father was assigned to run the security and safety patrols for the fair, so he had to head out and I was home with my mother and sister, sick as a dog and sad as a panda. 

Well, the day slowly passed into night, no thanks in part to reruns of cartoons I'd wished had lasted longer *cough*S.W.A.T.Kats*cough* when my dad came home.  I asked him how the fair went, and he said well, and then he said he had a surprise for me.  I asked him what it was, and he said it was something that was turned into him as part of the lost and found and that, since nobody claimed it at the end of the day, he took it home with him to give to me.  My father then told me to hold out my hands, close my eyes, cause I was about to get a big surprise.  I complied, and upon feeling weight in my hands I opened my eyes.

Magic.  My father found a box of revised edition Magic cards and gave them to me.  I eagerly opened up the box and looked through the cards (and would later find out through friends I had cards from other sets mixed in the box, such as fallen empires, unlimited, and arabian nights), even though I didn't understand the game that everyone at school was playing and I wanted to play.  Kird Ape, Craw Wurm, Regnerate, Jandor's Ring, Order of Leitbur, Drudge Skeletons, Hymn to Tourach, Black Knight, Celestial Prism, Lord of Atlantis!  So many cool cards, and yet....what was that?  

At the very end of the stack of cards, 5 cards caught my eye.  I knew enough of the game to know that you needed land cards to pay for things, but...what were these?  why did they have these weird names like Plateu and Taiga and Scrubland?  I was almost ready to dismiss the cards, but then I saw two copies of the same card that would be the driving force behind how I would play the game for the 17+ years that I've been playing: Savannah.  

I don't know what it is about this card, but to this day, while I still have all those dual lands, those two copies of Savannah are just this magical thing to me.  I can look at them and everytime I do, no matter how much I've used them, I can look at them like they're new.  They remind me of why I still play and collect, and why this game, along with many others I've played over the years, mean so much to me.

Keep making Magic, WotC.  It means the world to me.  
My most treasured card would be my Admonition Angel, my first mythic rare card. Tell me if its coincidence or what, but this is how I got it:

Just last year, I went back to Magic after few years of playing other card games (I started playing Magic 2002, with Transference deck as my first deck). Me and my family were at the mall to buy a laptop for my brother. I got envious so I asked (and bugged) my Mom if i could buy a deck. After some time, she said yes, and went to the card shop. I started looking for a theme deck but i couldn't find anything good, so the seller introduced me to intro packs (World wake, to be specifc). The first thing that caught my eye was the "Rapid Fire" deck, because my brother loves Dragons (I was supposed to use it to make my brother envyof me). So I purchased it and went back to the laptop store, checking out the main deck. It was okay for me that time (since i don't know much abput landfall that time) and so I decided to open the booster. The art of the booster pack was Admonition Angel (of course, I don't know it that time), and I bust it open. I got sad for I got no card with an awesome card art. Excpet one, with a bronze rarity symbol. I got curious, and checked out the how to play included in the box, and found out it was mythic rare! And when I read the deck's description, Admonition perfectly matched the Rapid Fire deck (which I figured out just few months ago)! Ah, what a happy day.

After a few days, I started using Admonition Angel with Celestial Mantle in a life gain deck, while I misplaced the intro pack. I went to many winning streaks against my classmates in school. After a few months, I recovered the intro pack, still looking new with the clear sleeves that I forgot to detach, and placed Admonition Angel there. Now,  she has found her home and i went to winning streaks again.

Btw, thanks Wizards for asking this question. If not for this, i wouldn't remember how valuable my Admonition Angel is. In fact, I'm even holding the deck right now while i was typing this reply!

Keep producing more cards and sets, and don't forget to add little surprises to complete players' days
i wouldn't say it's my most prized possession but i wouldn't trade this away for anything. it's a revised vesuvan doppelganger torn in half and then meticulously taped back together. i got it from my buddy years ago in a big trade back around 1995. back then that card was really cool in our play group. to this day everytime it hits the table he always tells the story of how he got it from someone at school already torn for next to nothing and how he took it home and taped it back together so you could hardly see that it was torn. and if it doesn't see play for a few months he always asks me if it still got it.
Probably my 8 Tolarian Academys.  Blue Artifacts 4 Life!
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