11/14/2011 Feature Article: "Premium Deck Series: Graveborn"

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This thread is for Dave Humpherys's feature article Premium Deck Series: Graveborn, which is already up because I forgot to make this thread ahead of time.

Haha the Entomb pays for the entire thing! I am so getting this broken pile of epicness
Alternate art for Crosis and Cabal Therapy? Sign me up!
This deck looks awesome. This may be the first Premimum Deck Series I buy.
One of the better products wizards has made. I'm getting a few of these for sure.
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Wizards printing a product with Legacy staples in there. At last. Nice to see WotC supporting legacy, this is well-made.

Keep this up! Smile
I love every thing about this deck. I plan on putting jin gitaxiuus and dark rits in though
The reanimation targets suck. almost every card in the box is $.50 besides the one entomb. will be buying the countdown d20 out of the box and never looking back at this junk deck.
There was one thing missing from this artice.  Will it also be release on MTGO as something we can buy in the store?  Slivers wasn't released at all and Fire & Lightning was given out as a tournament prise, which really made it hard to get.  Please, please, please do not give this out as a tournament prise.  That just means those of us players that can't afford Entombs will still never be able to get one.  I litterally want this JUST FOR the Entomb!
Side note, it should be clear to everyone that the Bu list mentioned only runs blue for brainstorm. There's no way they put out a new product with that card in it with all the back and forth among pros about banning it in legacy. 
The reanimation targets suck. almost every card in the box is $.50 besides the one entomb. will be buying the countdown d20 out of the box and never looking back at this junk deck.

Last time I checked, Inkwell Leviathan and Sphinx of the Steel Wind were actually amazing reanimation targets, and both are heavily used in Legacy reanimator decks.  And from what I understand, Verdant Force was the card that originally got Entomb banned in several formats, because it was considered too powerful to get that easily.

Also Cabal Therapy and Animate Dead.  I think you're complaining just to complain.
Perhaps this is a silly question - but what use are these premium decks - like Graveborn.

Do I have to look at the indivudual card and then figure out for myself where the individual cards are legal?   Is there some format where a premium deck is allowed in itself?

I guess I am looking for an answer to "What is a premium deck" and why whould somebody buy them (other than just to dissassemble for the indivual cards)?
Not everyone plays standard
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