How do I switch DDI plan?

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I signed up for a one month subscription to D&DI, to try it out.  Now I actually want to sign up for a year, and I can't figure out how.  I missed my first opportunity, as a I saw today that my subscription was automatically renewed for a month.  That was annoying, but really nobody's fault but mine.  But now I'm looking all over my account profile and D&DI management page, and I can't find anything about switching to a one year renewal, or indeed even switching automatic renewal off.  How do I do it?
Your best bet is to contact Customer Service.
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You've got to be kidding.
There customer service is amazing! I have never had to wait long and the help was exceptional...both times I called! :-) 
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I just did this...

Cancelled before renewal and signed up again for the 3 month.
You've got to be kidding.

They're the only ones properly equipped to handle billing issues.  We can give you some sweet words, but they're the ones who will actually solve your problem.  They respond to these issues promptly and resolve them thoroughly.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
What I was indicating was not that I expect the community to be able to solve the issue, but that I was sure an account upgrade could be handled without customer service's involvement, and the community would know how.

As it turns out, there is a way, it's just not very user friendly.  You must find the area in account management to cancel auto-renew.  Not that easy to find; it's in Subscription History.  And then . . . you have to sign up for Insider again, exactly as if you didn't already have a subscription.  According to the help pages, you're supposed to get a credit for the overlapping time.

For whatever my two cents is worth, I think that's extraordinarily clunky for something that has to be common.  I expect more seamless user experience, not only from such a big name company, but especially with something that's entirely an online service.

But now maybe at least I've saved someone else the trouble of investigating!
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