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Wolfstone has gotten more support written about it then almost any other PoL region. Frostfell (PoL) is mentioned in Primal Power, and three articles have talked about the heroes of this norse themed area.

Would other people be interested in seeing WotC develop this area more?

how should they best tackle it?

- hardbound DM's book
- Players option Heroes of the Frostfell 
- Monster Vault: Threats to Wolfstone
- a themed month of Dragon and Dungeon articles

It's perfect for the PoL since it's a wonderful place for all the power sources to have a clear story reason. As the King of Wolfstone has a Shaman and a Priest of the Raven Queen advisor. Witches and warlocks learn arcane craft on moonlit mountain tops from the fey winter court. While an inaccessible monastery of Githzerai chant mantras to harness a variety of psionic power. 

A number of Norse themed ideas have also been in the PoL setting, the world serpent, the world tree, a battle between elementals and gods a prophecy of one last great war between them could be a great idea for ragnarok and fantastic Epic Tier campaign fodder. Would people like to see this trend continue? Or should they back off this route?
Why don't you write the Heroes of the Frostfell book, with the aid of your friends, and submit it to Wizards of the Coast. If it's good enough I'm sure that they'll publish it in one form or another.

Honestly, I haven't read any of the Wolfstone material, but you make it sound pretty cool.
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As long as it has something my LFR warden from the Moonshay can use sounds great to me.
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I'd say a Wolfstone Month in Dragon, like the Kara-Tur Month, would be the best way to bring this about.

But yeah, it's a pretty cool place. 

A list of CharOp Handbooks I'm currently updating:

Heart of the Dragon: A Dragonborn's Handbook

Infernal Wrath: A Tiefling's Handbook

Yeah, a month in Dragon on each eco-region would actually be pretty cool, highlighting places like Wolfstone.

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