R/U Control - Needs finishing touches.

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I have been playing this deck at FNM with great success. However, it struggles most against B/U control due to their superior card draw.

4x Shock
4x Incinerate
4x Think Twice
4x Mana Leak
4x Dissipate
1x Devil's Play

4x Delver of Secrets
4x Snapcaster Mage
1x Wurmcoil Engine

3x Shrine of Burning Rage

8x Mountain
12x Island
4x Sulfur Falls
3x Ghost Quarter

3x Ancient Grudge
2x Geistflame
2x Memory's Journey
2x Flashfreeze
2x Spellskite
4x Claustrophobia

Burning Vengeance - I used this for a while, but it seemed quite unimpressive compared to Shrine of Burning Rage in a control match.

Desperate Ravings - It's card advantage, but can also hit my most valuable cards when I need them most. I'm not sure of its worth the risk.

Any advice?
Galvanic Blast over Shock. Sure, it's unlikely, but it's definitely possible to get 3 artifacts out there, and considering it's the same cost as Shock, why not?

I would think about a tiny green splace for Ancient Grudge's flashback, though I don't what'll happen to the manabase. It's still worth a consideration.

Also, you may want another Wurmcoil so it comes out more consistently. Or a Consecrated Sphinx for more card draw.

What's Claustrophobia in the board against?
Burning Vengeance - I used this for a while, but it seemed quite unimpressive compared to Shrine of Burning Rage in a control match.

Seems like you'd want a 4th shrine in the sideboard to use against B/U control.

You might also consider some Druidic Satchels for the control matchups.  Should help you cycle past your lands.  And any time you hit a creature, use it again during your upkeep to get a second one.

Maybe swap one Dissipate for a Negate?  Costs one less, something that seems relevant often as to when snapcaster can be used and pretty much every deck runs things you can negate.

Brimstone Volley over some Incinerates and shocks seems like it would be good.

I'd suggest looking at the Grixis Control thread for some ideas as well.  The addition of black would open up a couple more options, like doom blade and such.

Lu Cai's deck list is really nice against all matchups.  Stromkirk Noble or Reckless Waif is really strong against control.  I prefer Stromkirk because its ability to eat Human Decks (popular) alive.

Definitely need to roll with 4 Volley.  The threat of them alone makes any control player have to really pick their spots.

Ponder > Think Twice in this deck because of its ability to setup your Delver.

I think wurmcoil is too slow.  Chandra's Phoenix is a nice option.  I hate having more than 10 creatures in any deck, but I think it is the way to go in this aggro based format.  
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