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Hey there, forum people!

I will be running a campaign soon that is to be set in the world of Eberron.  I want to use themes to reinforce the feeling of the campaign, but Wizards has not yet released any specefic to the setting and I want to have a decent list for my players to choose from.  Therefore, I decided to create some of my my own themes to aid a unique Eberron feel to the characters.  As I thought others may be in the same situation, I'm posting the themes I create to my blog and linking them here for easy access.   Please feel free to post any reactions or criticisms.

Eberron Themes:

General Themes:

Aberant Heir, Field Archeologist, Inquisitive, Magewright, Last War Veteran, Royal Agent

Racial Themes:

Aerenal Elf, Talenta Rider, Valenar Warrior

Dragonmarked House Themes:

Cannith, Deneith, Ghallanda, Jorasco, Kundarak, Lyrandar, Medani, Orien, Phiarlan, Sivis, Tharashk, Thuranni, Vadalis

Just a brief bump.  I finished the dragonmarked house themes and I'd really like some feedback before I start my campaign.
Those are all very thematically appropriate and show generally good design skill (I didn't see anything that seemed really overpowered when compared with existing themes, except maybee the Vadalis one that may be a bit clunky — but anyway it is the case with the Beasmaster ranger to begin with, in my opinion).
I really like Talenta Rider, Magewright and Inquisitive, well done !!

Have you considered submitting those to Dragon Magazine ? I'd love to see specific Eberron themes show up in the Character Builder. 
Good luck with your campaign ! 
I submitted something similar back in April but since Eberron themes were given as an example of a submission a while ago I decided that they probably weren't looking for more.  I did submit a proposal for more generic themes with a link to my blog back in October, although I never did hear back.  Thanks for the feedback!
Well, I'm a fan of your work, so I thought I'd check this out.
Two words: Definitley using.

One thing, though, is the requirment of the appropriate feat. This just seems a little off, for some reason, and removing that requirement might make it more accessable to players. Just a thought.
@KopakaNuva:  I was going for some consistancy with the Player's Guide that the initial feat is the gateway for all the other dragonmark stuff.  It would be weird within the existing rules to have a dragonmarked character without the appropriiate feat.  It may seem harsh to require a character to spend their first level feat on a dragonmark, but remeber that the dragonmark feats are above the typical power curve.  I'd also be perfectly willing to let a player who had been explicitly playing a nonmarked member of a house to retrain into the appropriate theme if they later manifested the mark.  I might even make a theme specifically to that purpose, depending on how I get inspired.  The dragonmarked house retainers are so varied, though, that it might just be better to let them use themes like Magewright, Scholar, Guardian, etc. to represent that concept.
I love what you have. They are exactly the sorts of things I would design if I was any good at it, and I will definitely make use of these in the future. If you find yourself in the mood to create more, the gaps I see would be things like Valenar Elf as well as something to represent the secret services like the Dark Lanterns and the Royal Eyes, and possibly a Pirate theme to go with the Principalities and Stormreach. Obviously there is lots you could do with Eberron, but those were the things I didn't see that I imagine lots of players would like.

The dragonmarked themes are especially excellent. I would almost say that they are a far better representation of the dragonmarked idea than the 4e feats are. Well done.
I'll look through these in depth tomorrow' from what I've seen so far they're fantastic!

In fact, do you mind if I adapt the Talenta Rider's clawfoot opening utility power for my own Equerry theme?
@Belisarius  Thanks!  Those are definitely holes I might fill in if I have the time.  I kinda feel like I'm already overdoing it with 20 themes for a game taht's going to have at most 7 players, but these are fun to write so who knows.

@nb_nmare Plunder whatever you like!  I put them up here for others to use.  
Hey everyone!

I went back and added images from the Wizards site to spice up the posts a bit.  I took Balisarius' advice and I added Valenar Warrior and Royal Agent themes.  This is probably the last of them for now, as my campaign is starting in the next couple weeks. 
The only problem I saw with any of them was the Orien one.  The level 10 power at will has the teleportation keyword, but does not teleport.  It either needs to be a teleport effect instead of a shift or you need to take the teleportation keyword off, otherwise it doesn't really make sense.  ;)
@suzame You're right!  I think I originally had the power be a teleport but later changed it to a shift.  Deleting unnecessary keyword now.
Saw that one cause I love house Orien, so always take a good hard look at stuff about thier house.  ;)
Very cool stuff!
Just came across these, and I gotta say, they look pretty darn fun! Submit them to Dragon! We've only got one official Eberron theme so far (Sentinel Marshal) and could sure use more :D
These will so be getting added to my upcoming Eberron game. Really like what I read.