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What is this forum for?

The What's a Player To Do? forum is a catch-all location for players to get help on a variety of problems, ranging from mechanical issues with a character all the way to social issues brought about by their group. If you, as a player, have a problem or an idea about playing this is a place to discuss it.

Does that mean I can ask rules questions here?

Yes, you can. Be aware, however, that there's likely better places on the Wizards of the Coast forums to ask those questions. You're also free to cross-post your question to two forums. If you post it to more than two forums, it might be considered spamming, which will get you in trouble with the moderators.

Moderators? We have moderators on this forum?

Yes, we do. Any user you see with a name beginning with the "ORC" tag is a moderator. ("ORC" stands for "On-Line Response Crew".) 

How do I inform the moderators of something I see that I think is a problem?

If you see something you think is a problem, you can contact the moderators by clicking on the "Report Post" button that appear son every post.  This will take you to a form that you can use to explain the problem to the moderators. Be as specific as possible, so that they have as much information to work with. The more detail you give the moderator, the better able they'll be to make a good decision.

Where can I find useful links for D&D Players?
The Wizards Community has its own Wiki.  One page of that wiki is the...

Player Resource
This is a collection of useful links in the Wizards Community, and to links outside the community that players may find useful.  Because it is a wiki, it can be edited, so feel free to add your own links!

Your "Player Resource" link is broken.







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