Play by Post Gamma World Game [Looking for Players]

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Name of the Campaign: Six Monkey Slap-Slap

Link to the Campaign:

I am looking for 2-5 players for a online play by post game using the newest edition of Gamma World. Players will not be required to own the rules, however, if a player doesn't have the rules they will need to contact me to gain access to them. For character creation we will be using the standard rules of rolling your origins randomly. If you are completely unsatified with your origins combination you may petition to have one origin changed. Alpha mutations and omega tech cards will be drawn by me out of the DM's deck. Dice rolles will be made on . I will be requiring a post a day, not including weekends. Exceptions will be made if a player lets me know ahead of time that they will not be able to post during a given time.

To gain access to the game you will need to create an account on the websit and ask me for an invitation to the game through a PM.

Also be aware that I don't have much up yet on but I will soon.

See you there!