Come out with an UPDATED PHB in Essential Size.

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Come out with an UPDATED PHB in Essential Size.

In fact all the PHBs and DMG and MMs in Essential Size.

What a good idea. In fact you could print it out in pulp (manga type) paper in B&W and only sell it for $10 a book. It would get alot of attention and be a great seller. 

I have other softcover digest RPGs. They don't last long. I have some Palladium books I bought ten years ago. They look like crap after being in a backpack a dozen times.
I play at home mostly but have had to travel a few times. My Rules Compendium already looks a little worn. And I taped the edges and spine to lengthen is lifespan. Compare this they 2e PHB. Carried about my backpack every second Friday for all of school before going to a friend's place. Used as a coaster. Dropped. Held open for days. And other than some bashed corners it still looks good. 17 years on and it's still looking fine.

Digests are a nice alternative. But they're not a real replacement. 

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IMO the essentials books are better (although have somewhat less content) and the classes are more unique. I think the original PHBs are a bit redundant now. I'd rather see a "heroes of..." book with the Warlord, Avenger, Sorcerer and Invoker etc.. updated, than a reprinted PHB.
Come out with an UPDATED PHB in Essential Size.

This is essentially what the now-defunct "class compendium" was supposed to be, among other things (although I have no idea what size it would have been).  Wizards made the decision to release the updates for free through a combination of free articles/playtests in Dragon and rules updates.

I don't see people buying many of these considering that most of the content is free.
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