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I bought Gamma World on a bit of whim today.  I'm liking what I've seen so far.

Sell me on Gamma World.  What do you love about it?  What makes this a great game?
I'm a little mixed on GW, but I'll give you my pro-con:

1. I love the genre -- the notion of radioactive role play is pretty cool to me.
2. The basic setting goes back to the 1980's. It's been pretty popular for a long time.
3. This version of GW uses the 4E rules mechanic, so it's easy to play if you like 4E.
4. The game is well designed, has neat graphics, is a lot of fun to play.

1. It's a little slapstick and random. Not everyone's style. (I prefer a darker GW.)
2. Some dislike that it caps out at level 10. (I think this is a strength, but not all agree.)
3. Expansion of the game includes collectible cards; you have to buy card packs. I'm not a fan of this.
4. Expansion of the game is limited. Core rules set, two expansion sets, two novels. That's it.

To me, the good points outweigh the bad points. I just thought I'd toss 'em all out there for you.

Marv (Finarvyn) Master of Mutants (MA and GW) Playing 5E D&D and liking it! OD&D player since 1975

Your PROS are basically why I bought the game, so that is good.

"Wacky and Random" describe my gaming group even in serious-mode (for better or worse).

How do people feel about the Alpha Mutations?  It's different, but I don't know how much I'm liking that a different mutation springs up every... encounter, is it?  I can get a handle on changing Omega thingies...  decaying stuff breaks and you get more stuff.
I do like the light hearted, tongue in cheek, post-apocalypse flavor.

Not as much fun as Paranoia but still a  nice break from the usual 'high fantasy' rpg.

Also, I'm glad it doesn't take itself quite as seriously as the original GW did.
What do you love about it?

1) It's funny: much like Paranoia... funny is fun, entertaining and makes for an enjoyable social experience
2) It's simple: the rules are streamlined even further from 4e, and you don't have to put much thought into a character (indeed, you pretty much don't even make any choices during creation)
3) It's random: you never know what you're gonna get. As I've mentioned before, I offered to let players build there own (predictable) power decks, but then they realized they'd miss the randomness.
4) It can contain anything: any genre can fit into the setting, allowing you to use just about any resource material or plot.

Because DnD is for Ninnies that want to fight some dude in a robe with glowing stick, shooting snot rockets at the darkness.
And Gamma World is for people who fight things that would eat Conan at tea time and you have an Electrified Chain-Saw and a garbage-can lid.

It makes you kinda feel like you are Chuck Norris and MacGuyver's love child.

Warning may cause you to soil yourself if you see it in dark room.
Pro: In Gamma World you can have a shot gun or a portable thermal nuclear device that rains cosmic radiation on your enemies.

Con: You don't know how to use it.
Pro: You can be almost anything, Radioactive Gaint Robot from outerspace, Anti-Matter Timelord with a sonic spanner, or a fire breathing T-rex.

Con: You usually are a mutant bunny rabit with dentures, and your fighting a T-Rex...
From how much the phrase "mutant bunny rabbit with dentures" just cracked me up, I know I'm going to have fun with this game.
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