Designing a lightning-gun weapon in 3.5

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So I'm going to be DMing my first campaign soon and I'm setting up the first little adventures for my PCs. One of the things I want them to encounter is a custom weapon that I have had trouble creating, rules-wise.

The basic concept is a small four-pointed star that you hold in your hand. In the center is a little slot for a crystal. When activating the weapon, the star shoots a large, loud lightning bolt out of the crystal. The weapon is loud and powerful yet kind of innacurate. This is mostly a weapon of intimidation. It's noise and damage should scare anyone nearby. Also, this is a very exotic weapon from a different part of the world, a weapon that most can't really comprehend.

I came up with this idea when I was trying to think of something that could be similar to seeing a gun for the first time. Think Native Americans seeing muskets for the first time.

But, I'm still fairly new to the game so I wanted to get your ideas on the rules I've come up with.

                                 DMG(s)              DMG(m)           Crit             Range Inc.        Weight           Dmg Type
Exotic Firearm              3d4                   3d6                x2                    20ft                2 lbs                --
Special Rules: When fired, all opponenets within 60 ft must make a DC 10 Will save. If they fail, they are shaken for the next round. If they are shaken, they are now frightened for the next round and shaken the round after. The weapon can be fired eight times before the crystal needs to be reloaded.

Mainly I want to know if this sounds balanced and if it sounds threatening but won't instantly kill Lvl 1 characters. The PCs shouldn't encounter any more than one of these weapons at a time for the first few levels. 

Thanks for your input!