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I am designing a level 21 NPC/monster based on the concept of Sloth

I have designed two abilities and I am wondering if they are overpowered.

Trait- Essence of Lethargy

Whenever Sloth ends her turn and has a standard, move, or minor action remaining, Sloth may convert those actions to immediate actions that need to be used before her next turn or these extra actions are lost.

Immediate Interrupt - Ray of Lethargy
trigger: an enemy hits an ally within range 10
attack: +25 vs Reflex
hit: 2d4+7 damage and the target is weakened until the begining of it's next turn.
miss: the target is weakened until the end of the current turn.
I assume L21 Solo?

Essence of Lethargy seems just fine to me. Depends on what those Interrupts can get used for. Obviously one intent is for Sloth to save up defences for its allies using Ray of Lethargy. Again this looks fine. The players can easily figure it out and counter the effect in various ways.

Ray of Lethargy seems balanced OK (although it will generate lots of Weakened PCs, thus make combat drag somewhat). Not overpowered on its own. Damage could easily be higher at that level - I'd go for maybe ~ 2d8+8 on a hit, including the Weakened effect. Perhaps make it Psychic damage to allow PCs with resistances to step in.

Sloth will need some allies of course for that interrup to have an effect, so the PCs have an interesting dilemma - attack Sloth and suffer the attentions of the easy-to-kill lackeys, or attack the lackeys and get Weakened . . .

sloth is intended to be a level 21 elite that works with six other level 21 elites for an overall level 26 encounter for 7 PCs

Pride is a defender (dragonborn paladin deathknight)
 Wrath, you saw, but I am planning on redesigning him as a ranger instead of a fighter
Envy is a drow rogue
Lust is a changeling bard
gluttony is a thundersoul genasi swordmage vampire lord
greed is a warforged runepriest
sloth is a deva wizard lich

It is meant to be an end of chapter capstone fight. 
What level will the PCs be?

The implication is that they are L21 and therefore this would be an L + 5 fight . . . are your players up to that - what challenges them at the moment? The idea is really cool, but you don't want to spend hours and hours custom-designing a battle like this to find that you've pitched it wrong.

As you are putting so much creative effort anyway, why don't you actually run the fight simulated once you have the basic monster builds down . . . assume the PCs have already figured out good tactics to deal with this team of deadly sins, and roll some dice. I might take you 2-3 hours, but I think you are already spending double that or more on monster design, and the results of giving it a go might give you some more ideas, and perhaps a lot more confidence that you are creating something that will be a fun battle in addition to the "cool bad guys" reaction that you will get for the idea.

The PCs will be facing individual or small groups of sins almost all the way through paragon tier (recurring villains) and the penultimate fight with them will be with all seven sins around level 24 (according to plan), so it would just be level +2 vs my PCs. The final battle with them should be about level 26 with their overlord. Since these are intended to be a major fight, I am expecting it to be a long battle.