Tempest Whetstone and Mark of Storm

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Feats involved: Mark of Storm, Polearm Momentum

Items Involved: Rushing Cleats, Radiant Weapon and a Tempest Whetstone

Situation: Character uses a close burst 1 attack, using the radiant weapon to turn the damage and in turn keyword radiant. He already has activated in a previous turn a Tempest Whetstone.

 Question: Does the Tempest Whetstone add the Lightning Keyword to this attack? (it states it is Extra Damage, which to my knowledge adds a Keyword on top of what the power provides which in this case is Radiant...so power becomes "Radiant, Lightning"?)

Excerpt from the Rules about Tempest Whetstone: "Touch this whetstone to a melee or ranged weapon you hold. Until the end of the encounter, any successful attack with the weapon deals an extra 2 lightning damage to each enemy within 2 squares of the target; the target of the attack does not take this damage."

Confusion in our group arose because of this Keyword issue but also since it says the lightning damage is to enemies within two squares and not the target you rolled to hit. Mark of storm says if you hit with a thunder or lightning power you can slide one, then 2 for the cleats and then you are prone because this was a Radnait Polearm attack.

We believe: Yes, all targets hit suffer a power that is both Radiant and Lightning, it triggers Mark of Storm and the cleats which due to Polearm Momentum causes the target to drop prone. Is this correct? Thoughts?
Extra Damage is done by the power. Elemtal Weapons convert all damage to their Element. This includes Extra Damage, as it is still damage being done by the power and thus by the weapon.

Normally the Whetstone would add the Lightning Keyword. Just not in this case. You just get 2 additional Radiant damage.
Hmm, no kidding.. I could have sworn I read somewhere that Extra Damage worked differently. Hmm, thanks for the response!
Elemental Weapons are the only thing that do this. Normally extra damage does add keywords.
Alright, so no matter what is involved extra damage wise, if an Elemental Weapon is used, it is all cancelled out pretty much.

Effects caused would remain on their own (for instance, the whetstones that give ongoing acid damage), but if it's just extra damage, you have to pump that extra damage through the attack, and if it's being converted by an elemental weapon, all of it gets converted.

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