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I wasn't sure where to post this so if this is in the wrong section I'll apologize. I'll be happy to repost in a different section if it is preferable. I know that the Char Op forums don't like it when you don't have a sample build so I need a place to find a starting point.

So, I thought of this character a while ago and have been wanting to play it ever since. While getting sucked into the black hole that is Wikipedia I landed on an article about the Platonic Solids. I thought it would be fun to play a character who believes the world is compose of and ordered by these polyhedrons. I decided that he would have to be crazy and a Star'lock would be the most appropriate class for him. The short of it is that he is a mathematician that became obsessed with geometric shapes and probability.

Fast forward and I finally get to play him starting this Saturday. We have four members in the group including myself. One is a Predatory Druid, one is a Cunning Bard, and one is undecided. I feel like the Bard has made it a bit difficult for me to design my character since their choice has made our characters redundant in regards to skills and possibly other things. I'm not completely familiar with these other classes but I feel like I should try to hammer something out that will work with the flavor of my character but also fill some holes in our group. With that in mind I'm gonna hope for the best with the undecided guy and hope he isn't yet another Cha/Int/Con character and picks something from the defender classes.

So, I'm looking at the Star Pact Warlock and the Star Pact Hexblade. My feelings on the Hexblade is that it might come in handy with it's ability to be a little versatile with melee and ranged. I'm not sure though. Since my the character is obsessed with probability I thought that giving him probabillity altering powers like rerolls would be pretty cool. I guess I'm just looking for some insight on these two classes in the context of my party and character fluff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Character fluff is dependent on your imagination, and the DMs willingness to allow whatever you come up with. You could easily refluff an ardent or psion to the same (mathematician gone mad) routine.

However, I do hope this group will soon get a defender, or some other character to hold the line and draw aggro, because I fear otherwise you'll all just be too squishy.

Yeah, I agree with you about the defender. I'm worried enough to consider going the defenderlock route or even hybriding between a conlock with the swordmage.

Do you have any suggestions about the Hexblade vs pure Wrarlock? I've been reading that the Hexblade isn't very good at what they do. I know that it has a summon. If there is a way to optimize that then maybe it can help remedy the defender problem.
Stick with what you want.  The DM will make sure there's challenge for all of you.  

And take Eldritch Strike, and as a paragon-level, make sure to get Agile Opportunist.  Your bard will rock your world for you ).

Yeah. I did just kill your BBEG with a vorpal frisbee. Problem?
personally, i would stick with the normal warlock as i dont particular like the hexblade warlock and the good thing is that the standard warlock is also a rather capable controller so you have that going for you as well. I, like you, would stick with the star pact, becoming a student of caiphon will rock your world, getting a radiant weapon(would need to multiclass into sorcerer tho) and you get full benefits for all your powers and then pick up twofold pact to get access to the vestige pact boons which in my opinion are better than the star pact and will grant you 3 at wills powers and the augments for the eyes of vestige can be mind-bogglingly good, like weaken or slides or just a plain accuracy bonus and with feat support you can get 4 vestige pact boons(but you will most likely have to be a split'lock focusing on cha and con), along with your star pact boon, altho you will only be able to benefit from 1 until you get a short rest which again with feat support can be altered so that you can change pact boon each time it procs(if ive read the feats correctly). the standard warlock will prolly become a more interesting character than the hexblade version and as i said, i would stick with the "normal" warlock