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If a monster is a huge monster (its base it bigger than 1 square, for example it occupies 4 squares), can heros pass through the squares on which it is placed?
In my opinion NO, but I want to have also your opinion.

If a tile is a narrow corridor, large only 1 square, can huge monsters pass through it?
In my opinion YES (even if this could be quite odd...), What do you think?

Thank you guys.

From The Legend of Drizzt rulebook: 

If a creature with a base larger than one square is on more than
one tile, it counts as being on all the tiles that the base is on.

In other words, you cannot pass through any square the creature occupy. 

Dark Chasm/Underground River
The squares of the chasm or river are impassable to figures with bases
that occupy only 1 square; you cannot place a figure in those squares
or move one through them, only the bridge squares. A larger figure,
such as Errtu or a Feral Troll, can occupy such a square as
long as the figure is also on at least 1 bridge square. A
Hero cannot use an effect to place a Monster in a chasm
or river square unless the adventure specifically
allows it.

And yep, large monsters can pass through narrow corridors/bridges. 
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