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There are 5 of us 2 characters are played by the same person.  We all are looking at our later levels to start prestige classes.   However, I wanted this to be something speical.  I'm thinking of perhaps indivual adventures we can all help each other on to in a way "unlock" our prestige classes. What would you suggest?

Stupid question but are you playing 3.5 or 4th?

In 4th, the 'Prestige' classes are multiclasses like the weapon specific, tribal, or 'assassin' from art of the kill (like bravo, which is one of my favorites). and they have basic MC requirements, usually a trained skill or stat requirement. IF you want the players to 'unlock' them by meeting a requirement (such as training with a specific mentor) that should be easy enough to arrange.

 This is a 3.5 question... Prestige Classes don't exist in 4E.

Most adventures meant to move a character into a prestige class could involve either the fluff of the class, the mechanics of it, or a bit of both.
It's going to require something a bit different for each character, depending largely on the class they want to play:
 - some site-based prestige classes (say, Purple Dragon of Cormyr) will be best served (if not only possible) by having the character travel to a specific location
 - others that are organizationally-based (the Harpers from the Forgotten Realms) or passed on in a mentor-to-student fashion may require the character to meet a certain NPC to join the organization or recieve training from
 -  some classes (mainly those that simply extend the PC's already existing class features, such as a wizard/cleric becoming a Mystic Theurge) may simply require that you set up an opportunity for them to advance their power - the mystic-theurge-wannabe may defeat an opponent and find some long-lost holy text that contains the knowledge they need to enter the prestige class. A ranger multiclassed into wizard may become an arcane archer after solving a puzzle involving him casting a spell on an arrow.

Do your characters have specific prestige classes in mind? What classes are they now?


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please put 3.5 in the thread title... thanks
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Likewise with the 3.5, but to your question...
You have told us NOTHIGN about the characters in the game.
Are we talking typical dwarven fighters?  Elven Bards with a bent toward increasing their Arcane Power?  Power-mad Psions seeking the power of the Far Realm?  Necromancers and Devil summoners?  What is your party made of?  And what kinds of PrCs are you thinking of?  Your question itself is very vague.

Are you just asking if individual-character related quests to qualify for PrCs are a good idea?  I think so.  A D&D game should give everyone some spotlight time.
how do you level prestige classes once you meet the requirements? is it possible to level your base clase and your prestige class at the same time? i am a sorcerer prestige classing into a pale master from the 3.5 book Tome and Blood. how would i level it? because i dont want my sorcerer to be weak and my prestige to be maxed out.

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