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A power says something like  : Hit: 2W+str vs primary target and 1d10 to another target and 1d10 to yet another. So there is one combat roll. The player rolls and gets a crit. First off, I assume that that means that all dice are assumed to be maxed out. So the 1d10 to the secondary targets are assumed to be 10s. Correct?

Next, say the weapon gives an extra +3d6 on a crit. I assume only one of those 3 targets take the extra damage? If so, does the player get to decide? Or does all 3 take the extra damage?

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AFAIK, those additional d10s would not be maximized because there was no attack roll involved in making them; no attack roll means no hits, which means no critical hits.  The extra 3d6 would also apply only to a target that was actually hit.

I freely admit I could be wrong on this, because I can't recall it ever once coming up before ...
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Salla is correct.

Only the target that you rolled the crit against takes maximum damage + the extra crit damage.

If the power does damage against a secondary target without any attack rolls, the secondary target takes normal damage, and does not take any extra crit damage.
Thank you both.
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