Thanks everyone for a great season! (From the Author)

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Hail and Well Met!

It's been a fun quest, and I've enjoyed interacting with you all and weighing in on your often ridiciulously awesome ideas.

Thanks, and three cheers to the Heroes of Neverwinter! Cool


Erik Scott de Bie

P.S. For the sake of practicality, if anyone has a question today or during the game tonight, feel free to catch me on Twitter (@erikscottdebie) or email (erikscottdebie AT yahoo DOT com). I'll try and answer whatever questions you have.
You have been an invaluable resource.  Thank you for staying so involved in the season, and seeing all the horrible and wonderful things your module can do to the poor players and monsters.
Yeah, You were (are?) awesome this season Erik.
I hope someone from WotC saw this forum this season and just how huge of an impact having the author here made for the DMs running this event.

Thanks for all your time and assistance this season, Erik. You made my first season of running Encounters much easier.
Thank you! Your level of interaction and assistance with the season was invaluable. 
Also, anyone who's interested in reading about the Realms as well as playing, the WotC Book Club plans to take up my latest FR novel, SHADOWBANE, later this month (starting about Nov 21).

It's about a vigilante paladin, sworn to the fallen god Helm, and his quest to cleanse one of the dirtiest cities of the Realms: Luskan. (The Dead Rats have a significant role in the novel.)

Shadowbane is itself a sequel to another FR novel, DOWNSHADOW.

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Every Encounters season has benefited when it had author participation on the forums. This season was incredible with all of your design posts. I think that participation has done far more than help DMs prepare for each session. They have helped DMs and players understand the difficulty of writing for thousands and the challenges of communicating so much in such a short space. I think that has created better patience on the DM side as DMs come to understand author challenges and how every DM can and should interpret the written page so there is a fun outcome at the table.

I hope to see more of that, though I understand some authors are pretty busy. Still, it would be worth WotC's time, I think, to have some payment to the author for the level of participation we saw this season (perhaps similar to when a freelancer writes a Design & Development article).

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I thought this season of D&D Encounters was absolutely fantastic!  Nice job to Erik and all the organizers, DMs, and players.  It was a special treat to play one session with the author of the adventure.  That was really cool.
Epic. Simply Epic. 

Erik you were a stud with the amount of tips & advice you provided on these threads as well as insight into your goals with the Story. As a DM you kept me very interested in telling this tale to the best of my ability & your work with the module & on these forums gave me extra confidence every week in front of my players. 

And that made the season more fun for everyone.  

And I can prove it!

Behold, the Brookhurst Hobbies DM Gift Basket:

  • Dungeon Master's Placemat

  • Game of Thrones [Signed]

  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

  • Fortune Cards

  • Custom Adventure Arts cards:

  1. "The player's roll is re-rolled until you are happy with the results. This effect wears off after Jarvy's 'fruit' begins to expire" 

  2. "The creature's armor class is now 15; however, that creature cannot be hit by any player with a +7 or better bonus to hit. BONUS: Jace is now excluded from hurting your monster" 

  3. "As DM, you are allowed to disregard the written text of the module and make one pit or well as deep as you want" 

  4. "That player must give up their candy to you. If they player has no candy, the must go buy you a drink" 

What a fun season--looking forword to the next one! Thanks, David S.

Copyright does not protect the idea for a game


Thank you so much for a great season. I unfortunately was unable to complete this season myself (wife had a major injury requiring surgery) but all my DMs and players loved it.

Bryan Blumklotz
DDE WPN Coordinator for Guardian Games
Erik, your participation this season, and the module itself, has been phenomenal. Hands-down my favourite on all counts. I look foward to re-running the adventure at home with groups yet to come.

Having just finished Dance With Dragons (a signed copy of Game davidgiven!?!?), I find my reading list mysteriously open now as well, and my Forgotten Realms experience, nonexistent before this season, is now all-encompassing. 

Anyway, I hope to see your name on future seasons of Encounters! 
Aw, thanks guys.

@David: I hope you enjoy Martin's work. He's one of my favorite fantasy writers working today.

@Bryan: I hope your wife is ok?



Thank you for asking. Yes, she is improving after surgery to reconstruct her shattered right fibula tip (3 seperate pecies, weeeeee). Its been 6 weeks and probably another month of "the boot." She will be back DMing in 2 weeks just in time for the start of Season 8. We can't make Session 0 because we have tickets to see wil wheaton vs paul and storm here in portland.

If you ever make it to Portland, OR (Stump Town, The Rose City, PDX, etc.) I will take you out for a beer (or whatever drink is your poison).


Bryan Blumklotz
DDE WPN coordinator for Guardian Games
Hey Eirk, I just wanted to chime in and thank you for your extra contributions to this season!

You definitely went above and beyond, and it was great collaborating with you to put together extra content. It made this season extra fun.


This has been a fantastic season for all of us at Avatar Games. The module was well-connected to the supporting book, and your participation on the forums has been invaluable.

At Avatar, we had the dwarf table, the Disney table, the "irregulars" (which has turned into a regular crew), and "the 7:30 table," which is always entertaining because it exists primarily so VileSin can play every week. We've had our ups and downs, but the episodic nature of the game has meant that, week to week, we can still all have fun.

One thing that really impressed me, though, is that the module stands on its own as a module. We've played each chapter in a "catch up day" at the end of the chapter, scheduling it for a 4-hour slot once a month. Yesterday, I really saw how well the module plays out as a module *without* the week-long break between encounters. To those who DMed this season, you will find that this module has a lot of value in a home campaign as well.

So, a great big thank you, Erik, for an excellent adventure, source book, and support! You made this season ROCK for our local game shop! 
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