"Best Left Closed", a sidetrek for 4th-level characters

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This one is on the house!

"Best Left Closed" is a side-trek that will take about one game session to play.  It is intended as a single-session side trek, taking players from their familiar world to Athas, home of the Dark Sun campaign setting. It is intended for any non-Dark Sun campaign.  Its a great thing to run if the normal DM is taking a break, or if you just want to throw your players a curve ball.  The difficulty level could easily be adjusted to fit any group.

Download the adventure!


Alarel the Mad is a respected researcher in portal rituals and teleportation magic. His moniker is well-earned; he is quite sane, but his research into rapid travel often requires him to leap before he looks. This has taken on new meaning as he researches travel to entirely different worlds.

Alarel has discovered a new land, a world far beyond his own. He has pierced the veil to distant Athas, past every mystic barrier and spiritual wall hiding that deadly world from others.

Unfortunately for Alarel, he has no idea where the new portal will lead. Sometimes you just have to dive in.

And so he did. He emerged through an ancient portal in a sun-blasted Green Age ruin. Activation of that long-dormant portal defiled the land. Worse, with no knowledge of Athasian magic or the very concept of preserving, every spell he cast had a similar effect. The land rotted around him as he conducted magical investigations, until he was able to reopen the portal and return home.

Several such trips were conducted in relative privacy, and each time Alarel returned with a few trinkets for study. Inevitably his accidental defilement attracted attention and one day a group of natives was waiting for him.

When I ran it, it was for a mixed FR/Eberron campaign.  The players were used to the concept of traveling to different worlds, but...where the heck was this portal going?  They didn't catch on to it being Dark Sun for a pretty long time.  As the players finally escaped back to their own world, they decided it would be best to leave that portal closed forever.  Enjoy!