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well i'm here for ideas on good decks to play for standard tournys. so far i was thinking a white/blue deck with humans and spirits, with blue spells like counterspell and mana leak.

my other idea is a green/red with some werewolves and burn spells like, lightning bolt, and green spells like fog.

i have alot of inistrad and some new pherexia.

any pointers would be great.
Hey there. There's actually a forum for Standard decks on this board. It's divided into Standard General, Tier 1 tournament decks and Tier 2 decks.

Many of the decklists you'll find there are pretty competitive, and can get fairly pricey. I'd recommend browsing through the Standard General forums for some ideas and posting there.

You're certainly welcome to post Standard format decks for critique and help in on this (Casual) board, but if you're working towards bringing your decks to a tournament you should head towards the Standard forums.
hey thanks man, as you can see i am new to this forum.
ill check it out.
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