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deck built around  scute mob and dragonmaster outcast, strategy is simple get a lot of lands fast then play some draw spells and cheap creatures that become very powerful from your lands. step 3: beatdown.
unfortunately the manabase is vastly out of budget, but the only creature other than the 2 above that relied on lands (not forests) was allosaurus rider which i might consider if it was 2 cards (not green cards) and he had trample but is subpar as is, but both monored and green seems unimpressive compared to alternatives (fx green landfall will generally benefit more from titan and 6-7 landfall creatures without much draw, and scute mob would mostly just slow them down - or i'd be tempted to make it into a treefolk deck...etc)

does red have any other cards that care about # of lands? other than the claws and valakut....i just might look into a valakut deck tho^^

Acidic Soil is red and cares about the number of lands in play, just not the way you are hoping for!

My memory shows me nothing else, though.

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If you want an Allosaurus Rider with trample, there's Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer.

Red's spells that care about your lands are called Fireballs.
You might consider Plated Geopede and/or Adventuring Gear with all that mana ramping
avenger of zendikar loves him some lands.  mhmm.
I personally would take out Harrow and put in Cultivate
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primal bellow can make your creatures go boom.  it can also help you find your way out of the woods if you need it.
@silas: molimo is a good option for a budget version

@greenman: while i havent tried it my feeling is that small landfall cretures are too small for a deck with this much ramp. I suppose i could make an alternate version with less ramp and more weenies. might be fun^^

@garabor. ye avenger and the landfall baloths would also go in budget version, altho id be tempted to make it straightly landfall if i did.

@courtesy: harrow is faster tho, only costs 1 mana, whereas cuiltivate costs 3, and i only need a lil manabase

@uhhsam. my first reaction was no, theres no room and instant buffs are vulnerable to instant removal but if ican find room those bellows might actually fit right in
@courtesy: harrow is faster tho, only costs 1 mana, whereas cuiltivate costs 3, and i only need a lil manabase

By that logic, wouldn't you want to use Skyshroud Claim instead of Hunting Wilds? Since the claim only costs '2 mana' whereas the wilds cost '4 mana'.

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you can also...


38 Relentless Rats

22 Swamp



that is eactly the reason why theres 3 claim and just the 1 wilds. wilds has a great kicker though that is very useful in a heavily ramped deck like this. Cultivate brings me closer to the 5-7 range and just for 3, but in a deck like this with many low cost spells where im likely to be able to make use of the mana leftover from claim/harrow its not the rigt fit imo
a somewhat differentversion of the deck. i might be partial to this 1 tbh. thx greenman:P

no comments on alternate version? note that with just 1 cobra out harrow is actually producing more mana than it costs. There isnt much room for utilities/removal, but its pretty good nonetheless.

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed, as I was hoping for an actual land deck

Why not try a 40 land, land toolbox? 

IMAGE(http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af108/acatan/sigwynzermancopy.png) Signature by IMAGE(http://www.poke-amph.com/heartgoldsoulsilver/sprites/258.png)

something like that?
cant think of anything that isnt either inefficient or combo (or both:P) can you come up w a blueprint? 
IMAGE(http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af108/acatan/sigwynzermancopy.png) Signature by IMAGE(http://www.poke-amph.com/heartgoldsoulsilver/sprites/258.png)
hmm wynzer. that deck seems like a fairly basic mid-agro deck, only you put in 2 mul daya and took out ½ the spells for manlands and im not sure why... think biakabatuku has it right. the deck needs much more of a gimmick to be any good. The obvious one is ways to play the lands and draw them -  exploration and horn of greed seems like a place to start. combined with sweepers of anything nonland it could get pretty nasty.
hmm. interesting. 
I don't think so, it worked fine when I tried it. The purpose of posting it was to simply point out what I think more about when I think of land-intensive decks, not so much to impress anyone (plus, I try to avoid Mirage, Tempest and Urza's Block, icky time in Magic design that has some really cool cards, but some I'd rather do without)
IMAGE(http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af108/acatan/sigwynzermancopy.png) Signature by IMAGE(http://www.poke-amph.com/heartgoldsoulsilver/sprites/258.png)
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