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has anyone used Monster Builder to create new creatures for Gamma World?  What are the pitfalls or challenges?
I've started playing with it to create some lower level monsters. The only drawbacks so far that  I have noticed is that several of the damage types in Gamma World are not in Monster Builder, such as radiation, laser, physical  and so on. this applies to resistances and vulnerabilities as well. So when it comes to those damage types you will have to make note of it somewhere after designing your critter.  If there are any other complications I have yet to run into them.
I noticed that too, and wondered how other people got around it.  I compared the damage keywords on GW page 24 to the 4e PH page 4, and some monsters that might translate directly from 4e

I came up with the following:

Physical = Force or Weapon or nothing depending on the description (look at the 4e monsters who have "slam" powers or claws/bites)
Laser = Fire, or Radiant depending on the outcome (note the monsters and PC Powers that have "Firey Rays")
Radiation = Radiant 

After that I just hand wave the special effects to keep the game going
For awhile I was manually entering monsters into the program Dungeon Master's Battle Screen.  A lot of the stuff like damage type I just added as text in the damage entry.  It was tedious but worked well enough when I was running GW.

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Damage types are the biggest issue you are going to face, but as long as you and the party come up with a table that equates Gamma World damage types to D&D damage types everything should be gravy.
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