Character Powers in text form - looking for a program

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My players don't like their powers to be presented in "card" form, they would rather just be given a list of all their powers - more like these character cards do it from some of the previous events:

Currently I'm doing the formating manually, is there any application that people may know about that I can enter the powers and it will format it for me?

I started trying with the monster builder (old and new version) - but it doesn't allow for negative modifers on damage rolls apparently (at worst I can use it and just pencil in the penalty after), but to be honest it's a bit of a pain to print it out efficiently.

I thought of using MS Access to create a database of powers and have it format for me, but figure why reinvent the wheel if someone already created such a database or other tool.

So suggestions are helpful - otherwise I'll get cracking on typing/formating